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Infertility really is fun. One moment you feel sane and happy and the next, you’re hormonal and crying in front of your 25 year old male boss. 

Once you start the infertility journey, you soon discover that you will have frequent mental and emotional breakdowns. Perhaps you are the type of person who is seemingly strong and put together but enter infertility, and you become an emotional wreck and a hormonal nightmare. You are now able to tear up on cue. You see a newborn baby in a restaurant – cue the tears. You walk into the toilet like a normal person who simply needs to pee. You step out of that toilet with tears and snot running down your face and a maxi pad in hand.

So if you’re going to have a weekly (daily) emotional breakdown, why not choose some great crying locations! If Dave Letterman had a top ten reasons list of the best places to cry about infertility in public, here’s what they would be….

  1. At your workplace. It’s nice to attend meetings, conference calls and client meetings with tears streaming down your face.
  2. On vacation. You are enjoying a relaxing vacation with your husband and you suddenly start crying randomly after seeing a pregnant woman. Trip=ruined.
  3. During your transvaginal wand fertility appointment. The great part is your RE might not even know you’re sobbing while she is busy looking in a downward direction.
  4. At a baby shower. The baby shower is a fantastic place to lose it. There is so many screaming kids there, no one will even hear you have an emotional breakdown in the guest of honors bathroom.
  5. In a public pool. Water and tears run down your face without notice and the chlorine will make your eyes turn red anyways.
  6. In front of a maternity clothing store. People will just think you’re a hormonal pregnant woman (just without the bump).
  7. In a movie theater. It’s dark and no one can see you. If you’re watching The Notebook, everyone will understand why you’re crying.
  8. While driving. You are not supposed to text and drive but there’s no law that says you can’t cry about infertility and drive a car.
  9. The airport. Especially if you are traveling to your fertility appointment!
  10. When answering a call from a telemarketer. Click.

Here are some more suggestions from the !

18 Responses to “#741 The Best Places to Cry about Infertility”

  1. Kimberly says:

    I would like to add crying during those sappy commercials on tv. Ooh, and you could also randomly “stub” your toe and tear up. You may even get sympathy on that one!

  2. says:

    My poor car has taken the brunt of my infertility sobbing. I get in the car, turn the radio on and it doesn’t take long before I am so chocked up and snotty that I can barely see straight. The car and my closet. If I am at home, I retreat to the closet, to hide and cry. The closet is safe and dark and the cat knows where to find and comfort me. I’ve never been a cryer and used to be one of those ’strong’ people you refer to. I prefer not to lose it in front of other people, and this has been a most humbling experience. I would be surprised if there is anyone who knows me after this past year who hasn’t seen me cry!

    I love your site! Thanks for keeping us smiling!

  3. says:

    I did #2 on the weekend. DH takes me away to forget about our failed IVF transfer when we both are confronted by a rude woman in a cafe who wouldn’t move her seat to let us sit down. Look down. Oh she is pregnant (hence why she can be a rude cow). Cue tears and husband stearing me out of cafe.

  4. Manapan says:

    Number 1 is so true! I work alone overnight, and there’s not much to do so that’s when I do all my blog reading. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cried either for myself or when reading a post with news of someone’s failed cycle or loss.

  5. impatient says:

    I strated crying in bed at the weekend while listening to what was supposed to be relaxing music, the works were “Show me some love, I’ve taken a S**t lot of drugs but none of them fix the pain, valium said to me I’ll take you seriously and you will come back as someone else” Have listened to this lovely song loads of times before but somehow in the middle of night wehn I couldn’t sleep I was able to twist them….

  6. InfertileMyrtle says:

    How about crying in front of your computer until you read this blog?? I really needed this today. Thanks!

  7. Angela says:

    A shorter a list would be places NOT to cry.

    Oh tears. Why do you haunt me so?

  8. Kim says:

    For about two months I cried everytime I watched my favorite soap opera. All I could think is “really? a soap opera”.

  9. Manda says:

    How about in the wedding reception hall bathroom after you’ve been sat at the same table as a hugely pregnant couple 4 hours after miscarrying. yeah. Did that.

  10. Erica says:

    Manda, that totally sucks, I’m so sorry! You are a strong woman!

    And yeah, the car is my place to cry. I know it’s dangerous, but who cares? I’m hurting!

  11. I'm Broken says:

    How about when your best friend comes over and says “I’m pregnant with my 2nd child but I really don’t remember I’m pregnant!!”

    Talk about a stab in my heart

  12. Rae says:

    How about staying awake at night crying and wandering if your best friend or little sister are going to get pregnant first? And knowing your gonna have to throw the baby shower for both

  13. mommywannabe says:

    When you hear the following songs;
    “I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You” – Savage Garden
    “I Still Haven’t Met You Yet”
    “A Song for Mama” – Boyz II Men

  14. mommywannabe says:

    Oooohhh, or the song
    “All I Want For Christmas Is You Baby” – Mariah Carey

  15. 7 years and counting says:

    I ran into someone I didn’t know was pregnant when I went to vote today. Crying while voting, that’s a first for me.

  16. Catharine says:

    My fave spot is crying in my Ma’s arms. DH is great, but he is am ex-soldier so sometimes its just like “keep calm, carry on”.

    More convenient though is the shower, because when I come red eyed all I have to say is “water got in my eyes and messed up my contacts a bit. Anyone for Call of Duty?” That usually will distract males, sometimes more than an offer for sex lol

  17. This blog happened to indicate up in my searches and I couldn’t aid clicking on it. I am glad I did mainly because it was a really fulfilling read.

  18. 7 years and counting says:

    Where we live they just introduced a distracted driving law, I wonder if crying while driving is illegal now???