Mar 24

“If plan A doesn’t work, remember that the alphabet has 25 more letters…” (that includes f.u.c.k and of course, h.o.p.e).

Mar 10

Take note, Fertility Clinic

Some useful suggestions for your fertility clinic… Continue reading »

Mar 09

Never trust an infertile to babysit your child. She may want to keep it.

Your friend, Mindy-Sue, asked you to look after her baby for the afternoon. You happily agreed and an hour later, you had a sweet, angelic child in your arms. Continue reading »

Feb 24

Yes. Aunt Millie, trying to get pregnant is loads of fun! That’s why I’m going to try for the next ten years!

Feb 17

Last week, you were walking down the street and saw a complete stranger who looked pregnant. But you couldn’t quite tell. She had on a bulky winter coat. The winter has really thrown off your crazy infertile completely normal pregnancy radar.

The woman was wearing a large puffy coat and you stared at her belly as she walked passed you. Strange thoughts quickly ran through your mind: Continue reading »