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Why did you start a website with such a crazy name?

The idea for the website 999 Reasons to Laugh at Infertility actually started on the toilet. We had been trying to make a baby for two years and I had just gotten my period again. Like every month, I started my typical sobbing on the toilet seat and was feeling very sorry for myself. It was not a pretty picture. Then I stopped crying. I came to a realization that crying every month was starting to get a little boring and it didn’t seem to help the situation. I decided to change my perspective and even try to see the humor in infertility. Since then, I decided that I would no longer put my life on hold for infertility and held onto hope so tightly that sometimes I’d get rope burn.

What is your Infertility Story?

My husband and I went though several years of fertility treatments, IUIs and four IVF cycles before our miracle happened. I now like to refer to myself as an Infertile (who looks like a fertile) but is still jealous of pregnant women.  Our 4th IVF was successful and I had a baby boy in May 2011. I am already looking forward to secondary infertility.

What is funny about infertility anyways?

Infertility itself is not very funny but when life hands you lemons, make some fertile lemonade! All I’m say is that feeling depressed about any situation in your life is not going to help. Staying positive and laughing makes life much more enjoyable.

Will reading this blog make me pregnant?

Ummmm… Yes? But you might also need some help from a fertility doctor, medication, and your partner’s super sperms.

Can I contact you?

Absolutely. I love hearing feedback, comments and requests.  I can be reached at i

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