Jan 27

Well, that was uncalled for…

You already had a plan for this month’s cycle. You had useless baby-making sex during ovulation and you decided that you had at least a 1% chance of hope this month that you could actually be pregnant.

If your period was late, you planned to check the toilet paper hourly and pray that you didn’t see your Auntie Flow. If it was one day late, you might go to the store and pick up a pregnancy test or perhaps, you would wait until it was at least two days late, just to be on the safe side. Every hour your period is late would add to your hope.

But then your period arrived a freakin’ two days early and your plan was thrown off completely! What the fertile, Auntie Flow!!! That was clearly not in the plan. Now, you start to obsess and thoughts race through your infertile brain…. Is it my period or is that implantation bleeding? It’s only a little bit of blood. Is that really my period?

Then, you begin bleeding more and more (and of course, you don’t have a pad or tampon in the house), and it becomes clear that this is your period. NOT FAIR! You didn’t even get the chance to obsessively take your temperature every day it was late. You were also planning to have your infertility-related emotional breakdown on Monday instead of Saturday! You were planning to start the tears in the bathroom of your work office. Now, your husband has to spend his weekend comforting you and you will, unfortunately, be able to drink alcohol at Mindy-Sue’s party on Saturday night.

You win this month, period. But next month, watch out! It’s time for you to kick some infertile ass!

3 Responses to “#588 Your Period Arrived Two Days Early”

  1. Kat says:

    Are you spying on me?? You left out the part about the unexplained nausea, tho

  2. says:

    Omg, I hadn’t been here in a while and was laughing by the first line. “You were also planning to have your infertility-related emotional breakdown on Monday instead of Saturday!” Laughing Out freaking Loud. I think about these things. “Well, on Monday I’ll be a total wreck; I should make sure to have a Tombstone pizza in the freezer, because I’m sure as hell not going to feel like cooking.”

  3. Brit says:

    Great post once again!! Thank God these days are over for me…we just had our second little miracle baby boy 11 weeks ago. After 7 total cycles, 3 miscarriages, we finally get to move on from having these feelings each failed attempt. But I will never forget the feeling or stop thinking about the people still trying. If you would like to hear our story please visit my blog….http://ivfsuccessstories.info/my-infertility-journey/