Feb 17

Last week, you were walking down the street and saw a complete stranger who looked pregnant. But you couldn’t quite tell. She had on a bulky winter coat. The winter has really thrown off your crazy infertile completely normal pregnancy radar.

The woman was wearing a large puffy coat and you stared at her belly as she walked passed you. Strange thoughts quickly ran through your mind: Is this woman having a baby or is it just her coat that’s making her look pregnant? Should I feel jealous of the complete stranger who could be pregnant?

Summer pregnancy radar is much more efficient. Woman at Walmart is wearing a tank top. Quick scan of her belly. Flat. Nope, not pregnant. Thank God. Woman at the drugstore wearing a t-shirt. Baby bump alert. She is definitely pregnant. Cue jealousy. Purchase large amounts of chocolate. Cry in the tampon aisle.

Winter pregnancy envy is just exhausting. So many puffy coats to stare at and wonder, is she pregnant? Fertility Tip: If you have winter pregnacy envy, try drinking a nice mug of spiked hot chocolate.

(999 Reasons to Laugh: The Book! Recommended by 4 out of 5 disgruntled uterus’)

One Response to “#586 The Winter Pregnancy Envy”

  1. says:

    I live in Florida, so pregnant bellies are in my face all year round – no puffy coats to cause any confusion. Also, all the pregnant tourists like to sit across from me at restaurants, follow me in malls, and set up camp at the beach right next to my umbrella.