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  1. Sharon says:

    You dig around in your menstrual blood clots in the toilet. You thoroughly examine it to make sure it’s just a mucus clump and not a gestational sac.

  2. Myleen says:

    Because even though you’re late you don’t want to take another test because it will say no. You wait it out and your 5 days late and you give in… take a test… only one line appears and like magic your period starts flowing confirming the big fat negative!!

  3. Elisa says:

    “Oh shoot, is my period starting? *sigh*…. phew, no I’m just leaking progesterone!”

  4. Molly says:

    Because to make a baby, you and your husband don’t even have to have sex anymore! Your doctor can magically inseminate you with a catheter! How romantic! And later in the month, if your husband gets frisky and you want to let him down easy, tell him you just put in a progesterone suppository.

  5. mimmy says:

    When you try and train your husband to feel your cervix for you during Foreplay.

  6. Amy says:

    When the stupid 15 year old you work with gets pregnant on a one night stand. Then cant understand how she got pregnant becuase the guy was gay!!!!!!! AHHGGRRRR

  7. Amy D says:

    You shave your legs and paint your toenails because you have an appointment with your fertility doctor. You used to do that for hot nights with your hubby.

  8. 8 years and counting says:

    Six people with all the doctors, nurses and students in the room while I had my transvaginal ultrasound today.
    I dare anyone at work to ask me what I did on my day off.

  9. righto ;/ says:

    when you would love to buy nice designer items which you should be able to do as you dont have kids to buy for..oh no the purse and bank are empty while you spend every penny you have and more trying to make said baby!! Thanks for the reminder louis vuitton

  10. Kera B. says:

    When your best friend (who has 3 older kids and has repeatedly stated that she is done having babies) comes over to your house asking for a pregnancy test – because, you know, you have a billion of them stockpiled in your bathroom. After the test comes back positive, you tell her your tears are “tears of happiness.” Later that night, you drown your sorrows and jealousy in a gallon of ice cream.

  11. Megan Dunford says:

    You get mad at your husband for having the stomach flu, because he feels nauseous and sick in the morning and you don’t.

  12. MIm says:

    Why attend a baby shower when you can throw yourself an infertility party?

    Fun games can include:
    1. egg retrieval: an ovary-shaped pinata stuffed with Cadbury eggs
    2. fertilization: pin the sperm on the ovum
    3. see-saw (low-budget) or, if you really want to splurge, rent Emotion: the larger-than-life roller-coaster (big budgets)
    4. Guess the number of negative pregnancy tests in the jar — win 5% off your next IVF cycle
    5. Another guessing game: Guess how much money the guest of honor/hostess has spent so far on unsuccessful babymaking.
    6. Bingo, using the top phrases you should never say to an infertile. Free space is “it’ll happen when the time is right.”
    7. Instead of “What Time is It, Mr. Fox?” play “What Time is it, Dr. Reproductive Endocrinologist?”
    8. Freeze (an embryo) tag! (Warning: not everyone survives the thawing process.)

    Serve sushi, wine, coffee, and anything else a pregnant woman can’t eat.

  13. says:

    when your friend wishes you a happy birthday by saying “someone has a bday coming up” and you read that as “baby” only to proceed to tell her in able to laugh at yourself…but her reply is “You have to stop wanting it so badly! When you stop WANTING it, you’ll get pregnant!”…never mind the fact that your husband has 0% morphology…

  14. Kelly says:

    When your husband wants to take you out to a concert your favorite band growing up just to feel better and not think about the problem for a few hours and the singer comes out jumping to the music with a big pregnant belly…ridiculous of course!

  15. Kelly says:

    oh and today did this – when you stay home sleep all day on the couch with the tv on only to wake up for the 3 shows in a row of “I didnt know i was pregnant” waiting for someone to have a situation like yours or even just look like you hahah

  16. Judith says:

    1. You go to your weekly Weight Watchers meeting and you put on a pound even though you know you were careful and your team leader asks “do you have your period” and you think, “well, I bloody well hope not!”
    2. If your hubby is not in the mood to have “sex by appointment” you can tell him that “its just what the doctor ordered.”
    3. A negative pregnancy test means you can drink all the wine you haven’t been drinking “just in case”
    4. You can make jokes about getting “a little prick every evening”

  17. 4EVERF8 says:

    You have a good reason why you won’t have college money for your kid… You spent it all TTC.

  18. karen says:

    How about when your pre-natal makes you feel nausious and you try to convince yourself it’s morning sickness? haha.

  19. karen says:

    You’ve had a few extra ovulation test strips left over (because you bought the box of 20 of course) and read someplace that they will turn positive if pregnant…so you start peeing on those too during the end of the 2ww…because your convinced you won’t need them next month anyway :-)

  20. KK says:

    Because you refused to buy Tampons this month…you crazily go through every old purse in your closest like a mad women, hoping to find a few you might have left behind.

  21. KK says:

    How about the “Clomid Period?” Because you can’t just have a ‘normal’ period to break the news that Mother Nature is a snooty b*tch. oh nooo, you get the “Clomid Period”: Super heavery, Super crampy. A simple tampon? Ha, Tampon AND Pad for you poor soul!

  22. Gaby says:

    Whenever I read about a celebrity having a baby, the first thing I look for is her age. “Well, she was already 42 when she had her baby… so there’s hope for the rest of us!” And if the celebrity has additional older kids, I just dig up the kids’ ages and do the math. For example: “She had her first kid at age 36, the second one at 39, and the last one at 42.”

    I can’t be the only one doing this, can I?

  23. justkeepswimmingspermies says:

    Because, sometimes you just want to yell: “Screw you Mother Nature!” and give your self the excuse of eating a pint of icecream and chasing it with a bottle of wine. Seriously…I found out 3 people were pregnant today…to go along with my already 6…count them 6 coworkers!! *

  24. says:

    Because as long as you don’t conceive, you never have to worry about this cake showing up at your baby shower:

  25. Sharon says:

    The receptionist and phlebotomist stop asking you for your information when you come for your blood work and ultrasounds. Because you’re not responding to the drugs for the umpteenth time you’ve become such a frequent flyer that they know your name, birthday and address from memory.

    The phlebotomist has getting blood out of you down to a science. She knows that you need the heat pack, the tight tourniquet and to squeeze test tubes for five minutes and just maybe that vein in your left arm will fill up a small tube on the first try.

    Also you know that you’ve been in treatment too long when you can tell the ultrasound tech more about your uterus than she can find on screen. You’ve spent so much time in stirrups staring at ultrasound screens that you can almost tell her what she’s taking a picture of and how big it is that day.

  26. MrsMac says:

    My husband (who has the worlds worst sperm) would have had about 50 babies, all to different women by now if it wasn’t for infertility! That boy was such a tart before I came along….

    I will save a fortune on contraceptives.

  27. Sharon says:

    You know you’re infertile when you can correctly spell words like medroxyprogesterone from memory.

  28. Very S says:

    When I say “we are trying” and you instantly know. When you know what TTC, TWW, BA and AF stand for.

  29. Very S says:

    You are one of the rarest people to hear this compliment: “You have beautiful and abundant cervical mucus.” Plus you are actually happy to hear that.

  30. Summer says:

    You watch your diet like crazy, giving up coffee, and still.. your coworker sitting next to you, come in every single morning having her breakfast of diet coke, followed my sugary cereal, snacking instant microwave pop corn.. and she’s fertile and talks about her kid all day long.

  31. Summer says:

    It’s funny how once your infertility friend, who finally got a child, completely forget about you. Once upon a time you cried together, and talked about how mean your fertile friends are, but now she’s becoming one of them, bombarding facebook post with the baby pic, baby talk, and become awkward with you. It’s funny how quickly we can forget about all the pain once we get what we want.

  32. annonomous says:

    When you do everything right (no smoking, no drinking, no drugs, no caffiene, taking prenatal pills everyday for 4 years…) and all the drugies your related too keep getting pregnant!! How is this fair??

  33. Anonymous says:

    When your jealous that your cats keep getting pregnant and every other animal you see with babies or who are pregnant

  34. Ashley says:

    Your coworkers ask you why you are missing so much work so you tell them that you are starting IVF and they say Congratulations!!!…um thanks I guess…considering all the years of TTC, tests, heartache, money, etc., I don’t think congratulations would be the correct word.

  35. Rebecca says:

    “I love the women I talk to that tell me that they have a “PLAN” for when they will have children. They tell me that they are planning to finish grad school, wait until this big project at work is through, or until little Johnny is two. Then they will go forward with this plan. As if a person has the ability to just decide- Now we are ready, so the baby will come. Wait, I guess most do have that ability!!”

    When I first told my mom that we were TTC, and had been for about a year and half, she mentioned that she was surprised by that. Apparently, the females in my family tend to be super fertile. She told me that her and Dad have, in their entire marriage, had unprotected sex 3 times. They have 3 children. xD

    I actually didn’t mind her telling me (it wasn’t upsetting, just kind of a funny sidenote), but I admit that now I’m jealous of my own parents!

    “A confessed “infertile” friend told me, (after she announced her 3rd pregnancy), “dont worry…youre next!” I thought she was infertile, you know what gave it away…her three kids!”

    Hey now, let’s not bring the Mommy Wars to infertiles. Are we going to kick people out of the club just because their 7th round of IVF finally succeeded? Now if your friend considered herself infertile because it took 6 months to get pregnant well… I’ll bring the pitchforks, if you bring the torches! ;)

  36. Anonymous says:

    After 3 years of trying with at least 7 IUIs (stopped counting..), two IVFs with retrievals each because the most follicles you can get is 2 no mater the drugs, one miscarriage from the natural attempt which began this journey and included a D&C for the incomplete miscarriage (can’t even do that right), a chemical pregnancy which may or may not have been from one of the IUIs, a full year of attending adoption classes/meetings, hearing from adoptive families, completing a mountain of paperwork, discussing parenting issues that most people may never discuss or will not for another 10 years, screening and hiring an adoption attorney, coming to the end of 6 months with the “expert” accupuncturist, 3 months with a nutrition-type therapist who has you on a gluten-dairy-corn-soy-and any grain-free diet, several visits with a spritual healer, deciding adoption really may be the preferred way to make your family and you start looking forward to it…..you get pregnant naturally! Too soon to know if this one sticks, but life sure is interesting. This journey has matured me in ways I would never have expected and reminded me that many things are really out of our control. We can only control how we react (sometimes…), process (more so..), and chose to live my life with the cards on the table. This website and fertility support groups help a lot. Thanks to all for sharing!

  37. Jojo says:

    Because you actually want to throw up to prove to yourself that the pre-menstrual queasiness is actually something more than what you experience every month!!

  38. Melodi says:

    Laughing because you know the protocol for flying with liquid medication post 9.11! In my second week at a new job I had to travel for training and it was right in the middle of injections…had to find out how to fly with a liquid medication that also had to be kept cool :)They tested my ice packs for bomb residue..nothing like feeling the eyes on you because people think you’re a terrorist and you just want to scream, ‘don’t worry, I’m just infertile’…like that would ease the situation ;)

  39. Anonymous says:

    Because with all the time I’ve been trying I’ve now come up with 10 first and middle names for the kids I don’t think I’ll ever have

  40. Natalie says:

    When others are talking about their babies you find yourself talking about your fur baby like a real baby. “Kimbie has been waking us up at 5am but we have her in a good routine.” Then you wonder why everyone is looking at you strange.

  41. Heidi says:

    You secretly enjoy taking fertility meds because it allows you to get away with all kinds of inappropriate behavior by blaming it on the hormones.

  42. Heidi says:

    You refuse to give up your seat on the bus for a pregnant woman because you are jealous of her and this is your petty way of taking revenge.