Jul 18

Why does being infertile suddenly make you the designated driver? And we’re not talking about drinking and driving.

For some reason, you are always responsible for driving someone home, doing a quick favor or running an errand simply because you don’t have kids. Your fertile sibling gets out of all errands and responsibilities simply because she/he is a parent. You get this.Can you drive Aunt Gertie home tonight? I know your sister lives in the same apartment building and you live on the other side of town, but your sister has the baby…” And sometimes you get this.Don’t worry, (insert your name here), will bring all the side dishes for dinner. I would have asked (insert fertile relative name) but she has the baby.” And sometimes this happens. “Can you help with the dishes tonight. I would ask (insert fertile sibling’s name) but she’s pregnant and she needs to rest.” (Ummm. You’ve just had embryos removed from your uterus but sure thing, you can scrub the kitchen floor).

You are the designated infertile driver. Get use to it because you’ll do all the errands without complaining. Just remember, an IUI and a DUI are not the same things so drive responsibly.

10 Responses to “#737 You are the Designated Infertile Driver”

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  2. WG says:

    This has started for me already even though my sister-in-law is only three months pregnant. My parents are moving to a new house which only has two bedrooms, so my younger brother and his pregnant fiancee have already been designated ownership of the spare room on family visits, while my fella and I are relegated to the living room floor, or shelling out for a B+B (despite being by far the worse off financially of the two couples). I’ve been off contraception for 18 months with no luck, while she somehow managed to get pregnant while taking the Pill.

    And she keeps sending me pictures of her scans, over which I am expected by my whole family to coo excitedly, and to swallow my pain.

  3. blackhuff says:

    It’s because people assume that you (who do not have children), have all the time in the world to help out and that SUCK because it is not the fact. Hugs

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  5. impatient says:

    Oh yeah, it sucks. I just wonder who will be there to help me with my kids birthday parties etc when I have my own!

  6. Li says:

    The fertile world also assumes that since its just you and your hubby, it is your duty to visit them, even if they live on the other side of the country. Which is fine by me, but it still hurts when people say “but its just the two of you, now in our case we have to think about the kids and……”

  7. says:

    Haha. I just tell them that I’m earning credits that I intend to cash in when I get my IVF twins someday!

  8. scandinavian endo girl, only-aunti? says:

    And the workplace expects you to do all the overtime and be happy about it. As if you don´t have a life because you are just two adults. I´m just a tad frustrated…

  9. mommywannabe says:

    I am SICK of hearing, “Why can’t you _______________ (insert pain in the butt chore that takes a LOT of time) you don’t have any kids at home?”

    Why can’t I do that? Because I am ovulating and I want to have kids at home.

  10. says:

    I went on vacation with my family & some friends six months after my niece was born. There were 5 couples: me & hubby, my mom & step-dad, sister & bro-in-law (and baby), parents friends, parents friend’s daughter & hubby & their 2 kids. Everyone but my husband & I and my sister & bil had their rooms picked. My husband & I got stuck with the small bed because “your sister just had a baby and they need the bigger bed”. Really? Ugh.