Sep 03

“Drivers license and registration please…. Ma’am, according to your file, you already had 7 IUIs in the last year!”

Infertility acronyms can be confusing. The IUI should not be mistaken with a DUI as the infertile has not had a drop of alcohol in months. If you were a member of MADD,you might agree but a lot of you are still waiting to be a mother for the first time. You are more likely to be a part of the , TTC or IVF group instead which is probably still more fun than the IBS or OCD group. If the DUI is mistaken for an IUI, you could be in serious t.r.o.u.b.l.e. Your DH will not make his RE appointment because your SUV (or BMW – but who has enough in the ATM or on VISA for that type of car right now?) will be confiscated by the . The officer could give you a ticket for being , not to be confused with a D&C. Then, you could be arrested and might miss your IUI or ICSI appointment. You won’t be LMAO then. The DUI will only get you into AA, but the IUI could get you a OBGYN and make your MIL very happy so she will stop asking you all those pregnancy FAQs.

Bob’s your uncle….. AF’s your aunt….You know what I mean?


6 Responses to “#901 An IUI should not be confused with a DUI”

  1. Illanare says:

    Your blog never fails to make me smile, on even the dullest of days. Thank you for yet another funny, to-the-point post :-)

  2. Cherish says:

    Maybe I should start throwing around TTC acronyms in my small talk today if I get too depressed – going to a baby christening. At least I'd distract people from their questions about when we're going to have kids!

  3. finding_ac says:

    i think you have a good idea there, cherish!

    ♥ ac

  4. Shanny says:

    Love it!

  5. Rotunda says:

    haha.. TTC(Trying to conceive) can also be confused for Travel Ticket Checker :)

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