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Jul 13

Ever seen one of these signs? Sometimes they are innocently hanging in a bathroom stall or on the wall at your local restaurant. But for you, all you see is the word PREGNANCY flashing before your eyes. And the sign makes you cry.

Sure, there are other words you can focus on like the warnings for “Fetal Alcohol Syndrome” or “Birth Defects” but all you read is ‘Pregnancy,’ and you feel automatically envious. Perhaps you go into a public toilet and the warning sign is mounted to the bathroom stall. “Don’t drink alcohol if you’re pregnant!” The sign becomes a reminder that the drunk woman is expecting and you are only nursing an alcoholic beverage. You come out of the bathroom in tears but what can you say to your waiting husband or friend? Sniff. “There was a sign in the bathroom and it said that drinking during pregnancy can lead to birth defects. I want a baby too.” Sniff.

If only you could be that pregnant woman on the warning label with a beer in one hand and a bump on her belly. Logically not something to be envious of but infertility threw all logic out the window.

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14 Responses to “#738 Warning: Pregnancy Signage will make you Jealous”

  1. jendometriosis says:

    haha…it’s true! Today for me was the TV ad for IUDs….the woman doesn’t stop complaining about how she doesn’t want another baby but that she is “so stressed with her one child” she can’t remember to take her pill every day… the voice over guy assures her that she is protected for 5 years but that once she takes it out she can start trying again, RIGHT AWAY! Like it’s so risky to get pregnant the second you forget the pill….

  2. Gina says:

    Too funny! These signs always get to me too! Also the ones at amusement parks that say you can’t ride if you’re pregnant. I start thinking to myself “gosh, I wish I wasn’t able to ride this fabulous roller coaster because I was pregnant!” And I despise birth control commercials! But they’re not as bad as the pregnancy test commercials that talk about how two weeks is long enough to wait to find out if you’re pregnant, how about try two years?!?!

  3. scandinavian endo girl, only-aunti? says:

    The always and libresse commercials we have here usually gets the best of me “bla bla bla, the monthly visit form AF just proves that you are fertil. Bla bla bla….”
    I´ll show you *&$#$)%* fertil. Update yourself !!!!!

    One day our TV will hit a car ten floors down, or have a big hole in the middle when hubby gets home. *argh*

  4. says:

    OMG – You make me smile every time. It’s like you have a secret password into my brain!

  5. Angela says:

    Okay. Totally have been there. Wouldn’t have admitted it before. Thanks for making me feel less alone/crazy!

  6. says:

    LOL! Nice one, this is way too true.

  7. becky says:

    Lets just face it.. pregnancy has become the way to sell everything. I find myself yelling(okay cursing) at tv commercials. Walmart…. that new baby needs this laundry detergant You use this shampoo now that you are all grown up with a family and lets not forget the skating babies selling water.
    worst of the worst is the first resonse pregancy test talking about all the advancements in science that let you know asap that you are preggers..I hate them, I can’t afford them and all I ever get is a BFN.

    and yes TV commercial do get me upset….What was that about logic out the window

  8. jessie says:

    (Two and a half years on infertility, treatments, IVF and 3 miscarriages later…)
    I woke up this morning with AF which, of course, put me right into a bad mood. I went into the garden, thinking it was best to keep quiet and keep myself busy doing this and that, deadheading, harvesting veggies etc. I came in with handfuls of green beans, strawberries and several big ripe zucchinis. “Wow,” said hubby “our soil is so fertile”. I’ve been crying for 2 hours, actually jealous of my fertile soil.

  9. Marci says:

    When I was in Kentucky earlier in the year, they had a new twist on the sign. They added “if you’re pregnant or trying to conceive.” WTF?!!?? Am I never allowed to drink again? What if I never get pregnant and spend the rest of my life TTC. I’m not saying I couldn’t live without alcohol, but I’m in the middle of Bourbon country and I do not feel like I need to refrain because I’m TTC and have been seven years.

    Seven years without Bourbon and STILL no baby would be well beyond the bounds of what’s acceptable.

  10. Toni says:

    This line right here:

    “There was a sign in the bathroom and it said that drinking during pregnancy can lead to birth defects. I want a baby too.” Sniff.

    Sums up every illogical feeling I’ve had toward anything to do with pregnant ladies. Like today when I was ready to burst into tears because I saw a really pregnant lady struggle to get out of her car. I got out of mine just fine. I want to struggle.

  11. says:

    Too true! It’s surprising what can totally flip my day upside down. A drive home from work at lunchtime: saw 3 women with strollers, 4 toddlers with their mums, and 1 pregnant teenager. Sigh. Do other “normal” people notice that sort of stuff in that much detail?

  12. says:

    I saw that pregnant woman symbol for the first time last week. On the beer I was drinking. And I totally get it, I was jealous that I *could* drink that beer.

  13. Natalie says:

    In the parking garage at work, there is a sign that says “This area contains chemicals that can be dangerous to pregnant women.” When I first started my job 6 years ago, I used to laugh to myself that when I got pregnant I would have to find some place else to park. Now it seems that the stupid sign is laughing at me every time I pass it on my way to the elevator!

  14. Anonymous says:

    This morning on my way to work, I was pretty crabby after getting another glaring BFN after IVF. Having to keep taking those progesterone shots that make me feel like crap when I know darn well AF is coming just makes things even worse. So anyway, I was sitting at a stop light, and the car in front of me had a bumper sticker that said, “Pregnant? Need Help? Call …” Are you KIDDING ME?! No, I don’t give a crap that there are SO many fertile women out there who got knocked up by accident and now need help! And then, as if by some cruel joke, I pull into the parking lot at work, and there was ANOTHER car with the exact same bumper sticker! It’s a conspiracy, I tell you!

    Here’s an idea… how about they change the bumper sticker to “Not pregnant? Need help dealing with your emotional infertility struggle? Go to!”

    Thanks for giving me a place to come and laugh, and for the reminder that I’m not alone!!!