Jun 21

Father’s Day can be a difficult time for couple’s struggling with infertility issues. So instead of ignoring the day and spending it in tears, why not get your special guy a little something special…

It’s Father’s Day again and still no pregnancy. There is nothing more you’d like to do than give your husband a baby for his special day. Instead, the poor guy is taking multivitamins to improve his sperm motility. To make matters worse, there are Father’s Day cards for dads, grandpas and even expecting daddies, but no cards for those “Pre-Daddies that have been trying for a baby and stuck in infertile land.” What would these cards even say? “Dear Not-Yet-A-Dad, Good Luck Improving Your Sperm Count.” Sigh.

If you are looking for some Father’s Day gifts for the not-yet daddy, here are some ideas…

  1. How about starting his day with a nice breakfast in bed? Pancakes with (sperm-friendly) pumpkin seeds should do the trick!
  2. Darling, Happy Father’s Day. You’re going to the Urologist.
  3. You can leave a gift bag of zinc and multivitamins to improve his sperm motility.
  4. Want to be extra sexy? How about some sexy (and very loose fitting) boxers! No (sperm constricting) tighty whities and briefs for your man!
  5. Surprise darling! I booked a Varicocele surgery for you to improve your count.
  6. Father’s Day ovulation sex. We’re ‘doing it’ even if we are both too tired.
  7. Want to go on a lovely Father’s Day bike ride? Hell no! Cycling can hurt your count so how about a nice walk instead?
  8. There is nothing like a hot steamy hot tub to get you feeling sexy. Too bad dear ole hubby will not be allowed in a hot tube. Darling, how about a lukewarm bath?

2 Responses to “#745 Happy Father’s Day, Here’s some Zinc”

  1. scandinavian endo girl-only-aunti? says:

    You made my crappy day better once again :)

  2. says:

    Oh my this touched on so many, totally correct levels! I just found your blog from another – glad I did!