Jun 22

There’s one… There’s one… There’s one… Oh wait. She’s just fat. Thank goodness.

Every time you leave the house, it feels like every single pregnant woman on earth decides to walk past you. Every place you turn, someone’s pregnant, sporting a baby bump, pushing a stroller or even worse, pushing a stroller with a baby inside AND holding onto a toddler’s hand. How come she gets two babies when you can’t even get one! A fun game to play is ‘count the pregnant women.’ Betcha can’t count just one! There’s one. There’s one. Hey, there’s another! It’s a super fun game to play because you can either play it at a baby shower or every single time you leave your house! Walking down the street – there’s a bump. Going to the grocery story – there’s a fertile in the pickle aisle. At the gym – hey look, it’s pregnancy fit hour. Neat!

Don’t you wish that you could just carry a sign that read ‘I’m feeling lonely. Any other infertile’s in the crowd? If so, wave your ovulation sticks.’ But if you want to know if there are any other infertile’s out there, just look at her eyes. She will be glaring staring at a pregnant belly.

Damn. It’s a full time job being this bitter and jealous all of the time.

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22 Responses to “#744 Count the Pregnant Women”

  1. says:

    I could relate to this post. I can’t even tell you the number of times I’ve encountered pregnant women in my daily life since I started to struggle with IF. Which is weird, because I rarely saw them before. Now they seem to be drawn to me like moths to a flame.

  2. says:

    Yesterday while sitting on the floor of the book store trying to figure out which infertile book to buy three twenty-somethings spring on over, TWO of them where pregnant. They were fighting over who was going to buy who a baby name book. The store is 100,000 sq. ft. and those pregnant teeny boppers end up on my isle!!!!!!! They’re everywhere.

  3. scandinavian endo girl-only-aunti? says:

    That´s my kind of game, it´s so fun to play that I do it every day. The joy of working at the hospital way to close to the maternety ward gives me unlimited accsess to pregnant bellys. I guess every preggo in this town know I´m a IF by the way I´m staring. My eyes are automaticly drawn to the baby bump first, I can´t help it even if I try.
    I´m thinking rehab or home office.

  4. says:

    Oh My God! I knowwwwwwwwwwww!!!

  5. Rebecca says:

    My neighborhood is full of the wives of students at the local med school. Apparently there is a culture at this particular school where they try to have as many kids before they graduate as possible. Every day at least three of the wives walk by pregnant with a kid in a stroller, one on the back and at least one or two walking along. Kills me every time.

  6. Natalie says:

    lol my last hsg the gyn doc turned up 10 mins late, went and spoke to the radiologist for 5 min and then told me she couldn’t actually do my hsg because she was pregnant, glad she didn’t do it if she needed to be told pregnancy and x-rays don’t go together how cold she do a hsg?

  7. Christina says:

    I play this game every time that I go to IKEA! Now if you want to be tortured that’s the place to play this game! UGHHHH!!!!

  8. Leigh says:

    My coworker is preggo. All I hear all day is about how she can’t fit into her clothes anymore and she’s getting fat and she’s so tired and ya know, these things just happen… blah blah. What I want to tell her is shut up! You’re blessed enough to get preggo. Just shut up about it!

  9. says:

    Oh, yeah, it is hard work. And they are EVERYWHERE. My local KMart has made my life fun by putting the changing rooms right behind the baby section so that the only way to get to them is to walk through all the stuff I don’t need.

  10. Chrissi says:

    I know a good remedy! Go to “Toys’r'Us” on a Saturday afternoon to listen to parents and kids argue. This has been the only time ever in the last three years when I was not unhappy about not having kids. Try and see.

  11. Where's my BFP? says:

    I know this feeling all to well. I am an Army wife and its seems like there are always pregnant woman around. To see a 20 year old with two children upsets me all I want is one for now..

  12. Anonymous says:

    I used to hate having to go out, because it was like having ‘pregnant woman radar’… everywhere you looked, there was a pregnant woman or a couple with a newborn. It’s still hard but we’re in the process of doing IVF/ICSI at the moment so I’m feeling a little more hopeful and find it a little easier to deal with… ET tomorrow and then it’s the dreaded 2WW

  13. Jennifer says:

    Love this game! I unfortunately don’t have to go very far to play. I just have to go visit family. After we started trying, all 3 of my much younger sister-in-laws got pregnant (quite easily) for the first time. In one week last Spring, one had her baby, one had her shower, one announced, and….I got my period again. I am still proud of myself for surviving that week and actually having a bit of genuine joy for them (mixed in with tons of tears). I figure if I can endure that week, I can hopefully handle whatever is ahead on our journey.

  14. Kate says:

    I remeber that very well. It’s works in reverse, too. Once you finally manage to get pregnant, they all disappear. They’re not interested in you anymore now that you’re part of the “club.”

  15. says:

    Oh boy do I relate to this! I’m trying to figure out how to deal with this because I realize it’s not going to change. I can’t have kids and zillions of other women can. If I don’t want to lose my mind, I need to find a way to cope. Good luck!


  16. Lynnea says:

    When it’s particularly obvious (my hubby isn’t to observant) he will point out the five pregos who seem to be chasing around the grocery store… I don’t know how to sound sane while telling him that not only had I noticed them thirty minutes ago but I had already estimated their age, EDD and was silently crying inside! Glad we are all on the same crazy train. ;)

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  17. Lisa says:

    OMG your post is so right on. Don’t you feel like they are following you everywhere? It’s like God is saying “Ha! Look what everyone else can have but not you!” I get so upset when I see a pregnant woman pushing a stroller with an toddler in it. I just want to scream “IT’S NOT FAIR!!!’

    Here is my background:
    30 years old, 4 1/2 years of trying, 7 miscarriages, 1 successful adoption

  18. Carolyn says:

    Just remember… some of those preggo women have been right where you are now–struggling with infertility, taking clomid and antidepressants, watching BBT, doing the TPI thing, and trying every acupuncture, meditation and tea drinking advise to try to get pregnant. I was there for 4 years, which I know is a drop in the bucket for some ladies. But it still sucked every day. I’m finally, for the first time in my life, preggo at 9 weeks and counting, and I’m scared witless. Consider all those preggo women as a beacon of hope–like me (and like you) many of them struggled for years to finally be successful. Maybe you will too….

  19. Lisa says:

    I was recently on a jury trial. One of the witnesses was 8 months pregnant. Since you arent allowed to discuss anything about the case, I wasn’t even allowed to tell my husband why I was so upset that day after sitting 5 feet from a belly… the day I started my period.

    Also took a trip to Disneyland to relax and forget our TTC troubles… unfortunately we didn’t think that through too well.. EVERY single person there had kids of course and it just made me feel like more of a freak/alone.

  20. Almond says:

    They seem to occupy my space constantly. My office mate, my maid, my boss and my office mate again for the second time – three of my friends are preg with baby no two. How am I supposed to feel amidst all this. I want to run away to some place were no kids are allowed.The worst is travelling on a long flight with a toddler screaming for 11 hours and her little sister kicking your seat constantly. Thats what seeing a pregnant women or families with kids feels like everytime I encounter them – a toddler kicking my seat each time.

  21. Erin says:

    Where I work, I travel from mall to mall, and you can imaging all the teeny-bopper baby bellies I see!! I once got the call at work that I was in-fact NOT pregnant, then my very next customer was very, very pregnant! It really is like a slap in the face. Especially when every single friend of mine has at least one child, and all of my same aged cousins/friends who got married about the time I did are now either pregnant or have a child! We have been trying for about 4 years now. Our next step is insemination and then hopefully that works because I am absolutely terrified of IVF! Of course I’ll go through with it, but MAN! It makes me sick that the Ontario Government will pay for you to have a sex change, or an abortion, or countless other non-essential procedures. But they won’t pay for infertility treatments! Especially when it has been proven that it will be cheaper in the long run for the government if it is at least partially covered! Anywho, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one going through this.

  22. Kristen says:

    I wish I could find a local group of women to meet with for therapy every week! I feel so left behind since all my friends even the younger ones are working on their second and third babies. My husband and I are going on 7 years married and can’t manage to have even one! My heart is completely crushed… it’s so hard when I even read of one of my facebook friends who is celebrating their newfound knowledge of a pregnancy. I often question God as to why this is happening to us. I trust his will, but can’t justify seeing so many we know who are not married, dont want a baby, getting abortions, etc… My husband and I are good citizens who try to live our lives morally and we are doing all the “right” things when it comes to ttc. It’s just so hard… my heart is heavy every day and I cry all the time. I feel sorry for my husband. He tries his best to support me emotionally and he is sensitive towards my feelings, but even he gets weary of my crying episodes. It feels like it will never happen for us. There are few people in my life who are sympathetic because they’ve “achieved” a baby so easily without any effort at all! Still somehow I have a small thread of hope that I hold on to. I don’t know when it’s time to just give up? :(sniff…