Jun 16

Infertility is not funny but YOUR suggestions to laugh at infertility are damn hilarious! Here are just a small sample of some of your reasons to laugh!

“I’m sorry Mom, I can’t come to visit you for the week. See, this is the week that I’m “supposed” to be ovulating, and I need to bone my husband.” – Lenzey

“Because you’ve stopped speaking to your husband in actual sentences like, “The pregnancy test came out negative” and started saying things that no one but him would understand like, “Let’s have sushi and Bourbon for dinner tonight.” – Marci

“Because while on vacation in Costa Rica you get jealous of a family of monkeys swinging by and think how lucky that mama monkey is.” -Reena

“You have mad skills at disassembling a pineapple.You are at a party and your friend needs some fresh pineapple cut for the pina coladas. You offer your services, and to your friends amazement you can core, skin, and chop up a pineapple in 2 minutes flat. Little does she know that you do this every month because it is supposed to help with implantation.” – Amanda

“The other day when I was in the checkout line at the grocery store, I did a double take at the items being bought by the elderly man behind me. All he was buying was three half gallons of ice cream and the hugest jar of pickles I had ever seen. All I could think was “Damn, now even 70 year old men are getting pregnant before me.” I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry…. so I did both” – Jennifer

“This week, all of my texts to my hubs have been about cycle monitoring (“my follicle fckers are just like me – slow but getting chubbier every day!” and “I love being lubed up before 8 in the morning”). Today, I sent a reminder to him about our IUI tomorrow morning…Ahhh, infertility romance via text message.” – JL

“Boss: “So, I’m not too impressed with the fertility rates this year but better than last, out of 250/odd cows, 225 cows are now pregnant and due in June” Me: “Yep…strangely enough, still kinda jealous” – Dave

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11 Responses to “#746 Your Reasons to Laugh at Infertility”

  1. says:

    LOL!!! We’ve had many bourbon and sushi nights. =)

  2. says:

    LMAO @ Jennifer’s!

  3. Jenn says:

    Haha that’s awesome!! I really needed that today, thanks!

  4. Gail K. says:

    I totally do the whole “unromantic texting” thing with my husband although usually our conversations are through email. LOL!

  5. Gail K. says:

    By the way, my last captcha code to post my message was “UFUC”. Is this a coincidence?? ha ha

  6. I’ll try to set up all the captcha codes to say “FU INFERTILITY”

  7. camille says:

    yup just had our sushi and mojito night when AF showed up!

  8. the misfit says:

    Traditionally, every first-year law student must know the meaning of the legal concept of “the fertile octogenarian.” (I am not making this up.) But this is my first introduction to the fertile septuagenarian – MAN.

    (I realize that this won’t resonate a whit with anyone not a lawyer, but to a lawyer, it’s pretty humorous. At least, to this one.)

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  10. says:

    Love the sushi comment too!

  11. Almond says:

    Pls explain how Japanese women get pregnant if sushi is so bad?