Feb 05

Phone Whisperer
definition: noun
1. the act of talking on the phone while your mommy friend talks to you in a whispered voice as to not wake her sleeping children.

The Whisper Conversation

You: Hello!
Mommy Friend (whisper voice): Hi. How are you?
You (whisper voice too):  Are your kids sleeping?
MF: Yes. The kids are sleeping. Wait. Are they sleeping? Let me check the video monitor. Continue reading »

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Apr 17

Honey, we love you but sometimes we need a little support from you. Here are some suggestions of what NOT to say:

  1. Can we take a break this month?
  2. My mother wants to give you some fertility advice so I told her you’d call her.
  3. It’s a buddy’s fishing weekend so I might have to miss your ovulation period this month.
  4. Both my ex-girlfriends are pregnant.
  5. They had a sale on red-colored toilet paper so I bought a year’s supply.
  6. Your basal thermometer accidentally fell into the toilet. Continue reading »

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Nov 17

Ever feel like your life is like an infertile soap opera? You feel like you have a secret infertile self that you hide from others, there is drama, emotions, heartache, hope and an insane amount of sex.

Yes, you’re living an infertile soap opera, just without the accidental pregnancy, an embryo switch, and a bartender named Chase who may or may not be your baby daddy. Continue reading »

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Oct 12

Yes, there are real books out there that actually tell you how to conceive your child’s gender. While many of us infertiles are just wondering how to conceive, some fertiles out there are taking it to the next level. Continue reading »

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Jul 20

Many infertile women wonder how in the heck did she get pregnant after only one fertility treatment? It’s bad enough to be jealous of pregnant women who get knocked up naturally, but why must you become envious of infertile women too? You’re embarrassed to admit it but you are jealous of women who got pregnant after their first IUI or IVF treatment. Continue reading »

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