Jan 09

Thanks Aunt Gertrude, that is such great advice! It did take us over six months to get an appointment with this doctor but I’ll just switch clinics and patiently wait another six months to see someone else. Because infertiles are very patient, you know.

You have a fertility clinic. You have a fertility doctor. You have a fertility program. You are finally comfortable talking about ‘cervical mucus’ in front of the fertility interns. But family members always seem to think that going to a new doctor will solve your problem. “Cousin Lindsey just got pregnant by Doctor Uterus. Why don’t you try going to that doctor instead? I already have his number.”

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Aug 08

You are sitting at a nice restaurant, trying NOT to think about infertility, when all of a sudden you see someone who looks very familiar to you — “Honey, isn’t that our Reproductive Endocrinologist over at table seven?” Continue reading »

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May 27

Urinephobia:  Definition. Fear of peeing following baby-making sex, an IUI or an IVF transfer. Affecting only women dealing with infertility.  Continue reading »

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