Sep 07

No! Not the back-to-school photos! You are dreading this moment. It’s back-to-school time and there are going to be Facebook photos. Your friends have already updated their status’ with: “Little Marta is going to school for the first time!” and “Tiny Timmy wants to wear his Elvis outfit for his first day of school!” 

Whether your friends kids are just babies or they are toddlers going off to school, you will see Facebook photos. Teacher friend Sally updates her status: “It’s Billy’s first day of daycare and I am so sad.” Back-to-work mom friend says: “I can’t believe I have to send Marta to daycare already.” For the love of infertility, Facebook Friends, stop posting daily photos already! We’ve seen photos of your pregnancy, ultrasounds, actual live births (which was a bit disturbing)…Little Cathy’s first burp, first pooh, first nipple feeding, first trip to the zoo, first bath, every single Christmas and now, first day of school! We even commented on the photos saying “Awww. Little Jimmy looks so cute in his sailor uniform!” and “I sure do like Cindy’s nifty red shoes!” but seriously folks, you really are unknowingly tormenting us infertile people.

Sure, you could tell us ‘Well, just don’t look at the photos.’ But we do and we will. You like to torment yourself as you later cry to your husband because your Facebook friend just posted a back-to-school photo of her child. You have sat quietly while all your Facebook friends posted photos of their growing bellies and stayed silent while reading their status updates asking other mommies questions about sleep training and breast feeding. Maybe you should post photos of your first IUI procedure, your follicle’s first trigger injection or your IVF ultrasound photos. OMG, your right follicle is soooo cute! Where is the hide button again?

Although WHEN we are pregnant, we will probably post similar photos and status updates. We will just try to be a little more sensitive.

16 Responses to “#721 The Back to School Facebook Photos”

  1. says:

    Yikes, Tiny Timmy won’t be making too many friends with that outfit on! LOL

    Strangely enough, it’s not so much the back to school photos that get me, it’s all the school supplies going on sale! :(I love school supplies. I hope one day I get to go shopping for them with my kid(s).

  2. Cookie says:

    We should just post something like “For every cute picture of your kid that you post on Facebook, I will post one of me having a life.”

  3. says:

    My daily web checks include my Facebook page, this site and a few other blogs. Well guess what? Facebook bombarded me with back to school photos just as you predicted. It definitely is torture, I don’t know why I / we keep going back.

  4. endo&nocount says:

    @kitty – husband and i were in toysRus buying lunch box and backpack for a child in the family and i cried over the lunch boxes bc i want to buy my baby a lunch box. i always flip out and think the worst like “what if i never get to buy MY baby a backpack and cool crayons?!” Sigh,we will get there.

  5. Marta says:

    Thanks for putting a smile on big Marta’s face today! Love your blog! LOLOLOL!

  6. Carrie says:

    Isn’t that the truth. Should have posted pictures of my embryos before the transfer.

  7. Sam says:

    Hysterical and so true!! I love it :):)

  8. beenie says:

    so freakin’ true. i also check this website every day and love your annecdotes. today facebook was killing me!!! fortunately, i went and got acupuncture today, so i’m not about to start crying…..yet…..

  9. says:

    I just saw a facebook update about how a friend’s baby just turned on to his tummy. Really, you think we care? Thanks for the laughs as always Naomi :)

  10. says:

    I just hide them, lol.

    But I know I will post a lot of the same crap when I finally have children. But it does beg to ask why it’s appropriate for them to post so much stuff related to their children, but if I want to post stuff about my infertility… well, that’s just weird to them… (*shugs*) wtf

  11. Hopeful says:

    I have to say I dont get it? I have struggled with my own infertility issues for years but honestly I’m happy for my friends who have children they deserve their children and take care of them and honestly they have bragging rights-lots of people have these problems even if they choose not to share their problems with the world!! I just can’t believe you guys aren’t happy for your friends!! Just delete them if thats how you feel, sorry if I sound aggrevated it just all sounds a little selfish to me, and I definately know what disapointment feels like but I’m not gonna hurt someone else who is more fortunate than I am at this point in time.

  12. jessie says:

    Hopeful- the great part about this blog is that it is honest about infertility. I am very happy for my friends with kids but sometimes I can’t help but feel bad for myself. Would never ever tell them so I love having a site like this where I can be honest about infertility.

  13. Nicole says:

    Hey Hopeful, Are you being honest here? Haven’t you ever felt jealous of your pregnant friends? I find that impossible for anyone who understands infertilty.

  14. TTCwoman says:

    Hopeful, you must be a much better person than me. I am very very envious of anyone who has a kid. I don’t ever say it out loud and think that my friends have every right to have babies and brag about them. I totally agree with Infertile Naomi’s blog. She is awesome.

  15. says:

    “Where is the hide button again?” LOL! Exactly what I do daily.

  16. Dawn from the frozen North says:

    Love your blog. I found it ironic that the advert on the your sidebar today was captioned “Here’s to your new little surprise” and sponsored by Huggies Daily Diaper giveaway. That would be quite a surprise!