Jun 06

Does this sound like you? You have had internal dialogues with your uterus, follicles and even his sperm, asking them to get your pregnant, so why not chat with your beta blood test bottle as well!

It’s beta test time and you’re anxiously getting your blood test taken. You watch intently as the blood technician sticks the needle in your vein and your blood pours through that test tube. Then it’s time to have the internal conversation with that test tube. First you look at your red blood to see if it *looks* pregnant; then you send it positive thoughts “please be positive, please be positive” and next, you have a full internal conversation “please blood test, just give me a positive so I can leave the infertile club.” Yes, there is nothing like having a chat with your blood in a test tube. Hopefully, you remember to keep the conversation in your head or that lab technician will look at you strangely while you blow kisses to your test tube.

But seriously, all the blood girl has to do is look at your face to see that you’re having a full on conversation with your blood. Your eyes brows lift up and down, you are staring directly at the test tube, and your lips are probably even moving. Hopefully, you don’t also talk with your hands.

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