Apr 28

Holding onto hope is hard but giving up is always harder….


Why am I not pregnant yet? I ask. I plead. I beg,
Why won’t Mr. Sperm just fertilize my egg?
It feels like everyone is pregnant, everyone but us,
Please let us jump on board this crowded fertile bus.
Baby bumps are everywhere! Please just grant our wish,
Even our goldfish, Patches, is expecting a baby fish!
Celebrities seem to sport a bump and a pregnant glow,
While I get bloated from fertility meds and curse my Aunty Flo.
We have tried EVERYTHING from doctors to special tea,
Every month, we plant our seeds so fertilize my tree!
And then we have to wait and wait to get our special sign,
But still a negative pregnancy test flashes just one line.
I can’t wait to be a mom, it will fill my life with roses,
Bring on the dirty diapers, puke and runny noses!
Our hearts are filled with anguish and our throats just have a lump,
We just want our miracle baby and that special baby bump.
But one day it will be our turn, I really do believe,
Our miracle will happen and then I will conceive.
Until then, we will save our tears and just learn how to cope,
We will still enjoy our lives and hold onto hope.


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8 Responses to “#768 Why am I not pregnant yet?”

  1. Those stupid one line pregnacy test. Cant wait till I see two line:-) Your getting close to 999 ll

  2. InfertileNaomi says:

    This blog is counting down from 999 to 1…. So lots more laughs to go!

  3. says:

    That kinda made me weep…

  4. Hoping that you see those 2 lines soon :)

  5. 21reena says:

    That was awesome!

  6. Nicole says:

    Could be the best poem ever written. Ever. :)

  7. I'm Broken says:

    This made me shed some tears….because it is so close to home
    I actually said to my best friend when aunt flo came…
    that biotch came today…i am so angry. The sad part is..she knew who I was talking about

  8. Me and my friend were arguing about an issue similar to this! Now I know that I was right. ! Thanks for the information you post.