Jan 08

As Seinfeld puts it, sometimes we just don’t want to see the baby. Only an infertile would understand why….

11 Responses to “#823 We don’t want to see your new baby”

  1. Anonymous says:

    That is perfect and sums up my thoughts on everyones new babies.

  2. elephantscanremember says:

    I can appreciate that so much more now.

    No one else's babies will be as pretty as ours someday anyway.

  3. Misty Dawn says:

    I just love that clip! Thanks for sharing it! You are too good at finding this IF stuff. LOL

  4. Cherish says:

    I must confess I left Christmas cookies on my friend's doorstep this year even though she was home, just so I wouldn't have to see her new baby.

  5. the misfit says:


  6. Dana says:

    awww I love new babies! Maybe after 9 years of this I am over the "woah is me" thing. We went tonight actually to meet one. It didnt make me sad or jealous but just more determined!

  7. Tara dS says:

    I don't mind seeing babies as long as the parents can refrain from saying dumb things like "you'll be the next one" or even worse, "when are you two thinking about starting a family?"

  8. Cherbear says:

    I only discovered this blog this week and I've read back through all the days I missed!! This is such a great way to laugh at the silly things we do, etc. Thanks for being so awesome!!

  9. Just Add Walter says:

    good to see things from this perspective..

  10. Peaches says:


  11. Amanda says:

    love seinfeld. so many truths from that show. :)

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