Jan 05

When starting an IVF cycle, it is important to eat healthy to maximize your chances. But how do you increase your odds when doing a frozen embryo transfer (FET)? That’s simple. Eat frozen foods!

Follow this simple FET diet and your frozen babies should be here in no time!

  1. Freeze chocolate eggs. What taste better than chocolate? Nothing except frozen chocolate. This dish may be eaten at anytime -morning, noon or night. Don’t be afraid to dip them into a nice glass of wine.
  2. Freeze real eggs. As eating undercooked eggs is not encouraged for pregnant women, make sure to boil the eggs first before freezing them. Due to grossness, You may or may not want to eat them.
  3. Frozen chocolate milk. It might not increase your chances of conceiving but it sure will taste great!
  4. Frozen pineapple popsicles. If you’re eating pineapple anyways to help strengthen your uterine lining, why not freeze it? Both a healthy and delicious snack.
  5. Frozen mac & cheese. A good combination of tastiness and calories to fatten you up before pregnancy.
  6. Frozen broccoli. A good source of Folic Acid!

*Disclaimer: The IVF FET diet was created by a “doctor” with limited or no medical background, training or medical degree. Use at your own risk.

7 Responses to “#824 The frozen embryo transfer diet”

  1. Nicole says:

    I kind of like the frozen pineapple idea – those would be yummy :)

  2. Shanny says:

    I chose to ignore the disclaimer and I'm running to my freezer to make room. First on my list is the frozen chocolate milk, I want to experiment to see whether it really wont increase my chances. Then I'll work on those chocolate eggs =)

  3. Krissi says:

    So funny! Be careful…my last FET got me pregnant with twins (almost triplets)! You never know how good it could work! But I guess that's the whole idea right? LOL! ;-)

  4. Tiffany says:

    You are too funny! I've been following you for a while and just want to say good luck and hang in there. I am following in your footsteps and will be right behind you with the IVF treatment. You can follow me at

  5. Anonymous says:

    Just came across your blog . I hate to be a fun spoiler , but just wanted to make you aware , caffiene/chocolate is to be avoided during IVF/TTC as it can impare unetrine blood flow .

  6. juniper76 says:

    "Eat frozen foods" – I love it! :DI'm sure it won't take long for the easter eggs to start appearing on the shelves, so I'll have to try #1 next time I'm in the "I'm not pregnant anyway, so why bother" stage!

  7. Sinan Ozyol Poops Himself says:

    I’ll do all of the above if it will even slightly increase my chances of success. If anything, the placebo effect could help. Or not…