Jun 20

You could have been a gymnast or at least a member of Cirque du Soleil. You really missed your calling.

Your doctor recommended putting a pillow under your behind and laying on your back for 30 minutes after baby-making sex. No urinating either ladies (a mistake you made several times, early on!) But I don’t recall your doctor ever informing you that you need to do a headstand or any other gymnastic pose. But you still continue to do them all.

You have tried:

  • a full headstand.
  • a partial headstand where you place your hands on your lower back and lift your legs straight above your head.
  • lifting your pelvis.
  • putting TWO or THREE pillows under your behind (the recommended one pillow is not working out for you).
  • laying on the bedroom floor and placing your legs on the wall.
  • any other yoga pose.

Your husband continues to be impressed during each of your Cirque du Soleil performances.
If you are interested in tickets, the next performance is days 10-20, every other day.

What other poses have YOU done?

5 Responses to “#967 You have done a headstand after sex”

  1. jill says:

    been there! i was a 2 or 3 pillows-with-my-feet-propped-up-on-the-headboard kind of girl. hope SOMETHING works SOON!

  2. HometownGirl. says:

    this is hilarious…. yeah, i lay there for half-hour with the pillows… husband just sorta is used to it now… but I think it's funny overall…

  3. Infertilenaomi says:

    Nice work ladies! My husband runs and gets me the pillows now but last week I did the headstand, for the first time.

  4. sofia.s says:

    lol :)no,no, 3 pillows under my pelvis and my legs on the wall and waiting at least one hour before i get up!!! 3 things together is more powerful…i think, every time, every month

  5. CD says:

    My husband and I did the whole pillow thing under the butt or feet on the wall . . . until we got a new gynie and were told that I actually need to lie on my stomach during “marination” because my uterus is tipped back!!!! OMG, an entire year of marinating in the wrong position. Le sigh.