Mar 30

During your two week wait, you are obsessed with your breasts. You hold them, feel for tenderness, lack of tenderness, examine your nipples, ask your husband to examine them, touch, poke, prod, jab, twist, turn and stare. In some countries, you might be considered a bit of a pervert. Continue reading »

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Dec 24

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

The Scenario:

You are dreading signs of your period, and you go to the toilet in a dimly lit restaurant. You pee, you wipe and then you look. But wait! The restroom is dimly lit and it is too dark to see the toilet paper. YIKES! You squint your eyes and try to stare at that TP from every angle. Is that a red smudge or is it just too dark to see properly? You try to hold the paper up to cracks of light in the door but no luck. Maybe if you stand on the toilet you can see better or perhaps you should take the toilet paper out of the stall to the sink area. “Just inspecting the toilet paper,” You will tell the other ladies. If any of them are infertile, they will understand. Maybe also try carrying a flashlight or a box of matches. Lighting a match in a restroom stall seems like a great idea.