Nov 24

Failed an IVF or an IUI? Lack of cervical mucus got you down? You need a reason to laugh at Infertility today!  Here are some of your hilarious reasons!

Some classic favorites include:

“You know you’re infertile when you can correctly spell words like medroxyprogesterone from memory.” -Sharon

“Because you refused to buy Tampons this month…you crazily go through every old purse in your closest like a mad women, hoping to find a few you might have left behind.” -KK

“Checking the toilet paper every 5 seconds! I need to buy TP in bulk already!” -Jessica

“How about when you attend a wedding and wonder how quickly the newleyweds will become pregnant and think, they better not have a child before us.”

Check out more reasons to laugh here! Dare you not to smile.

One Response to “#595 Your Reasons to Laugh at Infertility”

  1. Alice says:

    Nice to find something light hearted about infertility for a change, it made me smile :o)