Oct 28

You have a bottle of Robitussin cough syrup in your kitchen pantry because you:

(a) Have a horrible cough and need cough syrup.

(b) Your husband/partner has a horrible cough and he needs cough syrup.

(c) You have a secret addiction to drinking cough syrup.

(d) You think it tastes good and you enjoy having your pancakes with any type of syrup.

(e) None of the above. You purchased it for a weird fertility reason.  Correct answer: E

You read in the newspaper that having a small amount of Robitussin can actually help you conceive. According to the article, an ingredient found in the cough syrup called, guaifenesin, loosens your cervical mucus allowing for a better sperm-healthy environment. So you went to the drugstore and bought some.

You: Where do keep the Robitussin?
Pharmacist: Aisle two. What type of cough do you have?
You: Ummm. A cough? Yes. I have a cough, every single month, actually. It’s a very frustrating cough with extremely hostile mucus.

You brought the cough syrup home and left it in your kitchen pantry. You now have cough syrup in your cupboard; old IVF drugs in your refrigerator; fertility medication in your purse; ovulation sticks in your bathroom; a basal thermometer by your nightstand; fertility books underneath your bed; and four Facebook pregnancy announcements waiting for you on your computer.

*Robitussin and fertility. Googled today by 9 out of 10 awesome infertiles now reading this post.

2 Responses to “#599 You Have Cough Syrup in your Pantry”

  1. Sarah says:

    This is hilarious…I was worried since my regular Dr prescribed guaifenesin for a sinus infection that it was thinning my CM out too much and preventing pregnancy…I was so freaked I stopped taking the medication and suffered for a month with that stupid sinus infection….oh little did I know….

  2. Fiona says:

    even better, you can now get cold and flu tablets with guaifenesin in! :)