#601 You Know You’re Infertile When…
Oct 22

Aunt Martha's fertility advice is always so useful

4 Responses to “#600 Thanks for the Fertility Advice, Aunt Martha”

  1. says:

    HAHA I love it!! that is so true!! Hate when people dont understand having sex without any tubes doesn’t lead to getting pregos!!

  2. Lynne says:

    EXACTLY!!! My husband is sterile, and even when I say that, people still tell me I just need to have more sex with him and I’ll get preggo. Makes me want to slap somebody!

  3. Lisa says:

    love it!!! keep me coming! ppl say the darnest things!

  4. says:

    We got tired to stupid comments like this one, so my husband and I started making up awkward responses.

    ex) yes, we’ve been trying really hard ever night, do you have any postions you’d like to suggest?