Aug 25

You see your boss coming towards you and you quickly change your computer screen. Why? Because you have been visiting fertility websites for the last hour.

If you have an office with a door, you may feel confident to browse fertility sites but those open cubicles could lead to trouble. You are baby-obsessed which means that your morning typically starts out with a (decaf) coffee, a quick glance at your work email, a hello to your infertile Twitter friends and a google of your latest pregnancy symptom.

“Just working on that presentation.” You quickly lie to your boss.

Just remember that your company probably owns your computer and has the ability to monitor your work. So at least spice up your searches, and have human resources believe that it’s actually work related. Google words like “fertile presentation,” “pregnancy Excel report” or “cervical fluid office supplies.” It will be much easier to explain yourself later on. You would rather have your boss think you were searching pornography sites than have to explain to HR why you were looking at When your company starts banning certain fertility sites, you know they are on to you.

For anyone who has a home office, good luck to you!

20 Responses to “#911 You visit fertility websites at the office”

  1. Wendy says:

    Guilty! LOL I have mastered the 'hide all screens show only desktop' click action LOL

  2. Goodyear Family says:

    So the only computer I really have is at the office and I have been caught by my manager looking at fertility websites. But she doesn't care. Thankfully.

  3. Laura says:

    OMG! I TOTALLY DO THIS! Fortunately I have a key-card protected studio, so it's not that easy to sneak up on me, but I still get worried that someone is looking through the studio window. I'm sure the computer guys are having a field day looking at my search history!!

  4. Shanny says:

    I'm a total googler in all things related to fertility! I tend to open my outlook and shrink my web page to fit my email box, I'm sure they all think I'm obsessed with my email, if they only knew!

  5. Cherish says:

    It's amazing how many fertility sites I've tried to access that are blocked as "sex education" at work!!!! They probably wonder what the heck I'm doing!

  6. jenicini says:

    Since the pictures on the websites might scare little children, I am sadly unable to indulge at work. Jealous!

  7. Busted Tube says:

    What did people like us DO before the internet??? I would be lost without google and the IF blogosphere! I do have to be careful at work that I erase whatever was in my little google search box at the top right of my browser or else someone will be checking out something I'm working on and see 'due date calculator' or 'Clomid miscarriage rates'…

  8. Pundelina says:

    I try to do this at work but I share an office with my boss and my back is to the door so I really can't manage unless he's away!


  9. AP says:

    Guilty as charged!!

  10. liberalgranolagirl says:

    I am so guilty of this! Thankfully my boss understands-she has struggled with infertility and finally had a baby with Clomid. Sometimes she even looks at the sites with me!

  11. Dani says:

    I am guilty of this. I usually open the page as a tab on another more work-appropriate page using IE. LOL! I am doing it now.

  12. Katie says:

    Also guilty! I get strange looks from our IT guy when I walk past him in the hall, so I think he's in on my secret.

  13. butamoment says:

    I have two computer screens at work. I can't tell you how much better infertility search, compairing, and reading is with two screens and a blazing fast T1 line. Of course I am searching at work!

  14. Angela says:

    Took my HCG shot in the bathroom at a co-worker's wedding. Her boss walked in while I was shooting up. Even better than being caught online!

  15. the misfit says:

    I just stumbled onto this blog and it is absolutely genius. I laughed at "cervical fluid office supplies" until I wheezed. FABULOUS.

  16. callmemama says:

    I have dual monitors at work, so I can use one for searching "no fertile cm cd14" or "tender breasts progesterone cream" etc on one while my work is open on the other. I have used the "hide tab" button many times, and have learned to CLEAR search history every time I close my browser.
    Old pro…old pro…

  17. Rach says:

    I always keep my searches minimized to a little square in the bottom corner of my screen. Im sure everyone is wondering why I'm always so intently reading so close to my computer screen, LOL!!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    I am so obsessed I actually tried to look up

  19. Jess says:

    This made me laugh so hard I nearly wet my pants! Genius!!

  20. says:

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