Jan 01

Ahhh your crazy, wild New Years Eve party. The booze. The dancing. The countdown to midnight.

Unfortunately, none of those things happened because your friends and their children left at 7pm.

You invited your friends and their kids over for a wild New Years Eve bash at your house. You sent out an email invitation and received the immediate replies:

  • “We’d love to come! But we have to leave by 7:00 because little Petey goes to sleep early. Anyone mind if we start dinner at 4:30?”
  • “We’ll be there! We can come after nap time and can only stay for 2 hours until bedtime.”
  • “We’re ready to party! But no booze for us. I’m breastfeeding and tired so husband needs to be the designated driver.”
  • “Can’t wait! Can you make sure that everything you serve is nut-free?”
  • “Sounds great! We’ll probably leave early though because I’m pregnant and can’t stay up until midnight.”

Your guests arrived promptly. Missy bought a nut-free cake and a bag of toys for her kids to play with. Sally-Ann bought a bouncy chair for her baby. Steven “I-use-to-get-drunk-at-every-party” is now sipping on water and burping a baby. There are poopy diapers in your garbage. There is breast milk in your fridge (right next to your fertility medication). Little Tommy lost a ball under your couch and little Harper Seven just knocked over your glass table.  Someone is talking about baby Sophie’s constipation problems. My God. She hasn’t pooped since last Sunday!

You bought 8 bottles of wine and only 1 got opened. No one touched the raw sushi because most of your friends are pregnant again. Betsy breastfeed on your bed.

Dinner ends quickly and everyone leaves before 7:00pm. Let the prolonged countdown to midnight begin. 5 hours to midnight. Eighteen thousand seconds, Seventeen thousand and nine hundred and ninety nine seconds….. Happy New Year!

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22 Responses to “#637 Your Friends Left your Party at 7pm on New Years Eve”

  1. Jen says:

    Of course I would be thinking, “Ooo…maybe the baby being breastfed on my bed will bring fertility for me (positive karma and all that). I also would not be drinking or eating raw sushi just in case I finally got pregnant this cycle.

  2. the misfit says:

    Thank God for single people – had a lovely New Year’s Eve. Six plus years of infertility, and I have finally learned that the married-with-children crowd is to be avoided if you want a party. Happy New Year to you!

  3. 8 years and counting says:

    I saw the new year in holding a precious new born baby while her parents went outside for a smoke. Silly, superstitious me would love to think it’s a good sign for us having a baby this year but if anything it’s probably a sign I’m going to be doing a lot of babysitting, lol.

  4. SF says:

    Bonus to above scenario: 7 bottles of wine I don’t have to share!!

  5. Marci says:

    Or the counter-offer, “why don’t you come over here, so we don’t have to take the baby out and stay late and it’s so chilly…”

    “Oh, watch out for the LEGOs, you don’t want to…*crunch*”

  6. Brit16 says:

    Atleast you have friends to invite over is what I was thinking :). While we were on our journey to having a baby it seemed so hard to make friends because everyone already had kids and the little clicks that come along with that. We were past the party with the college kids stage, but not to the poopy diapers and breastfeeding. It sucked!! But after 5 years we finally have a little miracle, if you would like to read our story you can visit… http://www.ivfsuccessstories.info Good luck to everyone still trying!

  7. scandinavian endo girl, angel mom. says:

    @ 8 years. I spent most of new years eve holding my friends 3 week old, the most precious little thing I´ve ever seen.

    Happy new years to all of you, hoping 2012 will bring joy to everyone!

    Scandinavian endo girl.

  8. Leslie says:

    We found out on New Year’s Eve that IVF #4 is either a tubal or chemical pregnancy. Still waiting to find out which it is. My amazing sister (proud first mother of a 4 month old) and bro-in law got a babysitter and went on a midnight hike with DH and me. I felt very lucky to have such a great sister. It was a perfect way to end a horrible morning.

  9. says:

    @Leslie, sorry about your upsetting news but so glad you have such a supportive and loving sister! I was just thinking, “hasn’t anyone heard of something called a babysitter?!”

  10. Your guests arrived quick. Missy bought a nut-free block and a bag of toys for her kids to effort with.

  11. krissymoon says:

    after over ten years with infertility I have finally become pregnant. My hubs and I tried to throw a wild party for NYE and all of our single friends( with no kids mind you) bailed at 8:30! We are the old married people, not them… I guess we must smell.:-(

  12. waiting for baby says:

    Out for coffee today with my best friend and her 5 month old son. I tell her we’re starting ivf this summer, providing we can save up enough money. She tells me she’s pregnant. It was an accident. They weren’t even trying. Baby #2 is due about two weeks before baby #1’s first birthday. I’m happy for her, I really am. That doesn’t mean I didn’t cry my eyes out while driving home. New year, same story… sigh :(

  13. says:

    This is why we made a pact a while ago to make sure we keep a good few single friends. We can depend on them to not reproduce for a while.

  14. Kat says:

    @Mrs Slick – You can actually depend on your single friends? Mine are getting knocked up left and right. But then we moved to be near my family and I don’t hang out with anybody. No friends means none of them can get pregnant, right? My area is just crawling with people who don’t know what a condom is. Meanwhile I haven’t bought a condom in 8 years and look where I am.

  15. Shirley says:

    @Kat – oh boy, I hear you there! It hasn’t been 8 years for us though, we just started our 3rd year of infertility – I’ll be 29 this year, I’m going to reevaluate if we still want to be trying if I get to 30 with no PG in sight. However, earlier this year my 44 year old sister, who has a grown daughter and an almost grown son, gave birth to her 4th child just before her 3rd child’s 1st birthday…even her grown daughter asked her if she’d heard of a condom! I actually had a dream last night that my sister was PG again and I have a friend who had her 2nd just before Christmas and I also somehow get to see her posts about her friend who just had twins (her #2&3)…it won’t be long before I see more PG announcements I’m sure.

  16. Anonymous says:

    @brit16, so very true–seems we lost a lot of friends in our journey to trying to conceive. i actually had one say “we dont have much in common no more”–i was like really–that is kind of rude and really out of my control–needless to say not friends no more–you tend to learn who your true friends are!

  17. says:

    @Kat, we have some friends who can just look at each other and get the other pregnant but we also have some who are very responsible and trying their hardest to not get pregnant. Of course things could change and I guess that even with their doubling (or tripling!) up on birth control surprises could still happen.

  18. says:

    This is why New Year’s always makes me feel a sort of relief that I’m infertile, because at least I’m still fun!! Last year we spent New Year’s with all of our couple friends (pregnant, new baby, toddlers, etc.) and it SUCKED! I was the only girl drinking and the pregnant woman said, “I’m so jealous”. Yes, I get a martini and you get a baby…those are totally comparable! So this year it was just me and the hub having a good time while we’re still childless and trying to be thankful.

  19. deb says:

    That’s one reason DH and I found a party at a hotel with a band and dancing and bar. We got away from all the babies and got to enjoy ourselves without thinking about the fact that we’re infertile.

  20. says:

    That’s when you bust open the other 7 bottles….might as well not let them go to waste!


  21. I was the only girl drinking and the pregnant woman said, “I’m so jealous”. Yes, I get a martini and you get a baby.

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