Apr 11

According to this article in People Magazine, singer Shania Twain is NOT struggling with infertility. A spokeperson for the singer tells the magazine that Shania is not privately dealing with infertility issues despite what the media says.

Poor Woman. Who wouldn’t want to struggle with infertility?! Going through infertility is A TON of fun!

We feel sorry for you, Shania. You’re missing out on a rockin’ good time without experiencing timed intercourse, charting your temperature and talking about ovulation on a daily basis! Who wouldn’t want to talk openly to a fertility intern about your past sexual experience and your husband’s low sperm count? Who wouldn’t want to experience the joys of a tranvaginal wand, sticking needles into your behind and enjoying a vaginal suppository or two? We just LOVE talking about cervical mucus, having eggs surgically removed from our uterus’ and then crying at our friend’s baby shower!

Poor Shania Twain. Infertility really rocks. You are missing out.

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9 Responses to “#672 Shania Twain is not Struggling with Infertility. Poor Woman!”

  1. Busted Kate says:

    She should probably just lie and say she is. You know, because then people won’t judge.

  2. says:

    Love this.

  3. Alexandra's mum says:

    Yeah…and J.Lo didn’t use any medical assistance to get pregnant with her twins. Right ;p

    You know what is kind of funny (or sad)? The fact that all of those things mentioned above (transvaginal u/s, charting, talking about sex life, etc etc etc) totally didn’t phase me after a month or so of m/a.

  4. says:

    Don’t forget the narcotic, sedative, and local anesthetic for mild discomfort after egg retrieval. Or getting up in the middle of the night to drive to the specialist for an 8am appointment. I mean, that’s what I call a good time….


  5. Poor Shania will never experience PMS — Pregnancy Malfunction Syndrome! I’m PMSing now!!! Another disappointing month.

  6. It is sad to see someone who has to deal with the public spotlight have to deal with a private matter because their entire lives are publicized. Every decision is scrutinized. There are also instances where infertility can turn out like Kate Gosselin. Fertility drugs can be quite powerful.

  7. Jill says:

    I’m sorry, I thought Shania was at the age where she should be denying rumors that she’s struggling with menopause.

  8. Hope4bb says:

    She’s so struggling with infertility, sometimes is better to stay quiet…