Mar 06

Eleven of your co-workers are pregnant. Mindy from Accounting is pregnant; Kelly-Sue from HR is expecting and even Bob and his partner Jimbo are having a baby via surrogate.  “There must be something in the water,” Your co-workers are saying.”When is it going to be YOUR turn?


Because you’ve been drinking the same water from the same water cooler for months and you’re not pregnant yet. And you highly doubt that Bob and Jimbo’s surrogate strolled over to your office and had a glass before she magically got pregnant (on the first attempt, of course). Listen up, co-workers! There is nothing in the water! You know because you foolishly convinced yourself that maybe some type of pregnancy hormone was actually lurking in the water, and you’ve been drinking bottle after bottle (also making your co-worker suspicious because you’ve been peeing so much too). And if there was, you’d steal that damn water cooler and drink the entire container in one sitting.

You know what’s in the water?

and perhaps some delicious lead.

So unless your fertilized egg and a fertility doctor is swimming around inside that water cooler, there is nothing in the water that made your whole office pregnant. Or perhaps Linda from Sales & Marketing is just a tad slutty. Just saying…

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19 Responses to “#678 There’s Something in the Water…”

  1. candice says:

    I work at an elementary school. There is for sure something in the water. I guess I must have a supply that isn’t linked to what everyone else is getting. Five years TTC this month.

  2. the misfit says:

    You know, maybe it would be a good idea to PUT something in the water. We know it wouldn’t get anybody pregnant, but maybe there’s some additive that would make them stop talking about their pregnancies. Surely science can offer us this much.

  3. InfertileMyrtle says:

    LMAO! My DH teaches middle school. A few years ago when we were TTC and all of the female teachers in his school seemed to be pregnant. He suggested I drink the water at his school. Almost punched him in the face.

  4. Molly says:

    I am also a teacher, and nothing is worse than being an infertile and working in a place surrounded by lots of pregnant women. Sometimes I wish I worked with all men!

  5. Angela says:

    I am a nurse and recently changed jobs…partly because there were three pregnant women all due within a week of each other in April. I got really tired of hearing your next and trying to keep a smile on my face. At my new job FIVE pregnant women! I get SO tired of hearing “its in the water”! Even my baby sister is having a baby this year (lots of tears when I found this out!) SO glad I found women who understand!

  6. says:

    I love coming onto this site when I need a laugh.. I don’t think it’s in the water.. It must be in alcohol, cigarettes or equally unhealthy food options.. It’s definitely not in the water I drink, or the healthy fruit and veges I eat..

    I agree with misfit.. Lets put something in their drinks to make them stop talking about their “unplanned, it just happened” pregnancies! Lol

  7. Chelle says:

    Someone just said this to me the other day and I wanted to go off!! If it were only that easy… to just drink the water.

  8. Tara says:

    ha ha! In my office, there’s something in the water which evidently requires all mothers with babies to gather round the water cooler and talk for 1/2 an hour every day about whatever developmental milestone/food/diaper/colic their child is experiencing. And how *cute* Junior is.

    Did I mention that the water cooler is literally right outside my office door, so I get to hear every single one of these conversations every day?

  9. says:

    Yup, and for me the “Bob and Jimbo” story just happened last week. A new guy, (and his partner USED to work for the company) and I didn’t even know he was “expecting”!!!

    They’re throwing a shower in a couple of weeks and I’m going to attend…and it will be the first shower I’ve attended where someone is not pregnant and the baby is actually present.

  10. says:

    Ha!! I get that ALL the time at my work. Seriously, if that would work, I would slide that sucker over to my desk and set up some sort of watercooler-IV system.

  11. Brittany says:

    This must be a common thing at schools! Everyone seems to get pregnant. Our school knew we were going through treatments and still would make these comments. (DH and I teach at the same school) We finally had our little boy after 6 cycles, and three miscarriages. Visit if you would like to read our story.

  12. Ange says:

    This one is so familiar. I also work in a female-dominated office, where most of my co-workers are either a) pregnant or b) newly returned from maternity leave. Either way, the joys of pregnancy and impending motherhood are pretty much the ONLY topic of conversation.

    We recently had a guy start in our team. Doesn’t want to talk about babies or pregnancy. Never thought conversations about sport could be so good.

  13. says:

    I’m a military wife, there is no shared water cooler here. I’m not sure where all the pregnancies are coming from. I’m still looking because obviously I haven’t found the secret yet. Please help me look? Haha.

  14. says:

    I just found this site today – such a breath of fresh air!!! I also work at an elementary school where every school year at least 3 staff members get pregnant, so I hear the “something in the water” comment all the time. So annoying. I’m not at the point where I lash out at pregnancy announcements from friends and family, it’s not their fault I’m infertile. What does upset me are FB statuses and overheard conversations filled with complaints about being pregnant and how their kids stay up way past their bed time and need a good spanking!
    But my biggest pet peeve is people telling me to not think about it and it will happen. Um, I find it impossible not to think about having kids every single day! After my first failed attempt at Clomid (I know, newbie here!), I just wanted to give up. I decided to focus on my health instead, which you can read about here: but now that I’m at a healthy weight I might try for a second round of Clomid soon.
    The funny thing is, my sister, who I just started helping lose weight, recently announced that she’s pregnant. Ok, so maybe they’ve been trying for 5 years since they had their first child and I should be super happy for them. But at 230+ lbs. I wish she would have waited to get down to a healthy weight. Is that unreasonable for me to think?!
    That’s enough of a rant I suppose. I’ll be visiting this site often!

  15. Effie says:

    I work in childcare and I can think of 8 parents off the top of my head that are pregnant! Something is in the water! lol

  16. G says:

    Everyone at my workplace seems to get pregnant at the drop of a hat. There were at least 5 last year–enough for my boss to make a comment at our office holiday party about how “fertile” our office is. Ahhh…

  17. Beth says:

    There is something in the water – BPA’s. They mimic estrogen and create hormonal imbalance. Also really bad for hubby’s guys. Stop drinking bottled water and get a BPA free container.

  18. LLpak says:

    In the water or what! 6 mnths ttc 2 fpregn collaegues who married around same time as me…2 yrs ttc almost every female relative preg…4 yr ttc 7 yes! no less then 7 colleagues pregn n the radiology dept i worked in!at one time..water or what?K7TH

  19. Heather says:

    I just discovered this site today from an infertile co-worker who shared this with me for therapy. I love her for that because it is so nice to know that I am not alone in my feeling and resentments. Just last week a coworker had a baby and everyone was talking about how it was in the water and who would be next. I am new there and no one knows of my struggles. I wanted to scream why can’t I be next? Oh how I wish something was in the water…. I spent the next 15 minutes sobbing the bathroom.