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Feb 20

As if Fertile Facebook isn’t bad enough but why must your friend’s unborn child have a profile too? You thought it was amusing when she created a profile for her cat, Muffin, and you even liked seeing all those kitty status updates. “Meow. I’m hungry.” But you’re not so keen on friending her unborn baby.

It’s bad enough seeing those daily “growing belly” photos, those preggo complaining “I feel so fat now” status updates and piles and piles of family photos, but giving the unborn baby a Facebook and Twitter account, that’s a little too much for a fertility-challenged infertile to handle. And how can you not accept their fetus request? Awww. Look at the fetus’ first ultrasound photo! Check out Fetus’ scary 3D photos! Just be prepared for popular status updates like: Just gave mommy lots of gas today! Hanging out in mommy’s belly today! or Coming out of the amniotic sac today. Get ready for a water slide!

You know, you’re pretty sure if you created a Facebook profile for your embryos, no one would “friend” them. But in the Facebook world, it seems pretty acceptable to befriend her unborn child. And sadly, they still have more friends than you. At least, when her child grows up, he probably will be pretty embarrassed about his permanent pre-born Facebook account that lives inside the Internet.

They should really just change the name of Facebook to FertilityBook or WIEPBM (Why is Everyone Pregnant but Me) Book.

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21 Responses to “#681 Even her Unborn Baby has a Facebook Profile”

  1. says:

    I would unlike every photo if I could! That is so absurd!

  2. says:

    Ugh, my sister-in-law did this. No, I did not accept the fetal friend request.

  3. C says:

    Seriously?!?!? I can’t believe that people are actually doing this! Thank God I haven’t gotten one of those crazy friend requests!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I never knew that people created profiles for their unborn. It’s bad enough to see status updates complete with ultrasound photos ongoing. If I knew this trend had started, I’d have done it for my embryos ‘I can’t wait to be big enough to ride in a pram’!

  5. says:

    Maybe I should create a facebook page for the ovary sisters! I have plenty of pictures of THEM. If we’re doing FertilityBook after all…

  6. jdfan14 says:

    i trully cannot believe some people are doing this but i guess hey however you are coping w/infertility i guess right?

  7. says:


    I think we need to widen the bounds of what is acceptable for Facebook accounts.

    For instance, if I have a really large poop, why can’t I call it my Brown Bear and share it with the world?

    Same with my little friends Klumpy, Klingy, and Soupy.

    Jeez, we’re all just a little too closed off!

  8. Secondary Naomi says:

    Perhaps my sad scarred ovaries should have their own page?

    Ohss again… We are really making ourselves noticeable.

  9. WG says:

    I actually think this isn’t a bad idea and have considered doing it myself when I get pregnant, BUT only so that I can keep my personal profile clear of pregnancy updates for the sake of other people going through infertility. I wouldn’t do friend requests either, I would just put in a status message (and possibly on my profile page) to PM me if you want an invite to friend “pregnancy me”. No pressure for anyone.

  10. says:

    A friend of mine did this and I actually friended the fetus. In my defense, I was trying to surround myself with as much baby and pregnant people and things in hopes that it was contagious. That makes it ok right?

  11. Kim B says:

    Yes, people really do this. I had a girl on my facebook that made her daughter a facebook before she was born. It was awful, she would post things on her husbands wall and her OWN wall talking about “I love you mommy” -come on now people. Everyone thought it was adorable….I am not everyone.

  12. unfertilized says:

    Wow, I had noooo idea people did this! And I feel so lucky to have avoided it so far.

    WG – Actually, your perspective on why you considered doing this makes a lot of sense. I could totally be down with that!

  13. says:

    This is the weirdest thing I have ever heard of!!!!!!!!!!! Who does that?!

  14. Stacy says:

    I guess my ovaries need their own FB now…

  15. Alexandra's mum says:

    Um…yeah, very strange. What the heck does a fetus have to say…”Today mommy ate some nasty tacos and gave us both very bad gas…man we stink”.

    I just don’t get some people….but then again, I don’t see the point of pet profiles either…

  16. PCOS Diaries says:

    LOL strange isn’t the word.. Crazy is more like. What makes the mother think her fetus wants to be on Facebook ? The fetus is probably like “Ma Please Give it a Rest”

  17. TrishG says:

    I gave up Facebook for Lent because of people doing this. That and changing their profile page to their ultrasound pictures. Really? Is nothing personal anymore!! I don’t know that I will go back to Facebook after Easter. It depressed me too much.

  18. Allana says:

    This just happened to me and she just got off the pill to make matters even worse. Wow. That was a mega slap in the face.

  19. Charlie says:

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  20. Narnia says:

    I’ve just had it with Facebook! I’ve been tagged in baby’s photos and I’m just fed up! I’m tired of crying everyone I look at those photos and those comments of ‘ahhh, ohhh’ etc! I’m fed up! Today my fathEr who’s on Facebook is all over my nieces and nephews photos and commenting just how proud he is!! I love my nieces and nephews and my sisters (kids keep popping out of them!!) but I’ve had it!!!

  21. 8 years and counting says:

    @ Charlie, I used one of those expensive ovulation monitor for about a year (not sure if it’s the same one you are thinking of trying) but when it came to doing our IUI’s they actually told us not to use that and to get the regular tests from Walmart.