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The December holidays are fast approaching and you have 0-1 cycles left in the hopes of getting pregnant before Christmas. You’re not holding your breath. Last holiday season, you said to yourself “Self, this time next year, I will be pregnant.” Instead, you’re pretty sure you’ll be sending out those infertile holiday greeting card yet again.

Seasons Greetings! Love Mark, Julie and our 12 negative pregnancy tests

But this year you have a plan. You have let infertility ruin your holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, Saturday nights, board game nights for the last time! This holiday season, you are taking your life back! So what if your fertility clinic is closed for two weeks during your f$#ing peak ovulation period? So what if cousin Martha announces she’s pregnant again during the family turkey dinner? So what if Great Aunt Pearl asks you why you’re still not pregnant yet? Who cares if Aunt Flow shows up right during sister-in-law’s surprise 4th pregnancy  announcement? Who cares if you just failed your 8th IVF cycle and you have no money left for Christmas presents? Infertility has ruined your days for far too long and this year, you plan to enjoy yourself regardless of what happened (or didn’t happen).  You can’t change what happened last year but you will dive into 2011 stronger, more hopeful and determined than ever before.

Infertility, we are going to kick your ass this year! Be afraid.

(And don’t forget to re-read a classic holiday infertility favorite, ‘Twas the night before your period when all through the house…)

25 Responses to “#697 Happy Infertile Christmas… Again”

  1. Kira says:

    For the third Christmas in a row I’ve had the thought “Maybe I’ll get to tell everyone on Christmas that we’re having a baby!” There are a variety of amazing plans for how to actually share the news…that I’ve droned on in my head, but the truth is I’ll have to keep settling for playing bartender! Glad to know I’m not the only one who is SURE this holiday will come and go with a more positive spin:)

  2. Hannah says:

    Hahaha! I love it – yeah infertility, be very afraid. Thanks for the positive reinforcement Naomi!!!

  3. says:

    I was going to say something and then it just left my brain when I noticed the Ghiardelli ad to my right, with the picture of the molten lava chocolate cake. Holy moly! Thank God for chocolate this year!!!!

  4. jwel says:

    I have a cousin who has a 6 month old who does’nt know what ovulation is.Another friend said her “blood cells” kept dropping when she was pg-meaning HCG.She has a 10 month old.How the hell am i supposed to react;( ASK ME DUDE!!!I CAN EXPLAIN THE WHOLE PROCESS.Sigh…

  5. Leslie says:

    I have been dreaming up for years how I would tell my hubby and family that I was pregnant. With Endo and no tubes, there will be no surprises. The only surprise people get now is, “Surprise! IVF didn’t work again.”

  6. Brandy says:

    We have been TTC for about 2 years now with fertility treatments. We had all but given up hope, until last week 11/23 when I got my first BFP, just in time to tell our parents at Thanksgiving dinner. I received my Christmas miracle! Then this past Tuesday 11/30 I had a miscarriage. I’ve never felt pain like this before. I was only 4.5 weeks but I “felt” that baby inside me and he was so sweet. My hopes of a merry Christmas are out the window, along with my heart. I am praying for ALL of us here.

  7. says:

    oh Brandy, my heart and prayers go out to you. I’m so sorry you finally got to experience the joy of a BFP and to have it all taken away so quickly! It’s been about 2 years for us too, so your story really struck a cord with me. My heart just breaks for you.

  8. Cryssie says:

    @Brandy My thoughts and prayers are with you, I am so sorry. Don’t lose hope and keep the faith. <3
    @Post I have been TTC for almost 7 Years now. I am only 26 and it is VERY frustrating when people at work and in the fam announce there pregnancies. This will be my sisters second baby!! I am the oldest,I should've had kids first!! lol Anyways Christmas number 7 for me, no baby, and I can tell my family is disappointed, but what can I do? I'm JUST as disappointed.

  9. Jess says:

    @Cryssie … I know the pain all too well. Im 29, this will be Christmas # 8 down this IF journey and the hardest one yet. My older sis (34) will be in town for the first time with her 2 yr old daughter. My younger sis (23) will be in town also with her 2 month old son. I’m the only kid/cousin left without a baby and the only one that has had any issues. New Years will just be a reminder again that another year has passed and we still aren’t parents yet. I thought with time that it would be easier, but I could not be more wrong.

  10. Anonymous says:

    These are depressing, but I can relate. We have been TTC for 3 years and had 3 failed IVF attempts. There is one left and my sister has offered to donate her eggs for us. There is a 65% chance of it working so I am hopeful, but my heart just breaks thinking of what my sister is going to go through for us. And God forbid it doesn’t work? I would feel even worse.

    However, it is about to be Christmas and I so badly wish that everyone struggling with infertility will become parents somehow and someday. In the meantime, I pray that God grants us patience and hope and the opportunity to experience being parents.

  11. Bschmalzy says:

    Well I totally understand about the holidays being hard. We had our first IUI last Thursday. I have been cramping ever since. These cramps are different than ovulation cramps. I also had a lot of milky white discharge today. Every time I get up I feel light headed. I don’t know what to think. From all the things I have read on the Internet our chances for our first IUI to be successful are slim. Just wondering if these symptoms are normal and trying to keep my sanity, without letting my mind run wild, for the next eleven days :s

  12. Catharine says:

    Oh honey, I’m so sorry about your m/c. I had mine after three years of ttc at 8w3d. It’s so hard for anyone, even the normies, but for us….after trying to hard, for so long….it’s particularly difficult. Those were dark times, very dark times. Don’t be afraid to mourn, cry as much as you want, break as many dishes as you want… just do what you need to do to get better. The pain never goes away, but it DOES get manageable.

    This Christmas was my worst, and I SWORE that last Christmas was the LAST one without a baby. Christmas 2011 I will either be heavily pregnant or have a baby.

    Infertility: THIS. IS. WAR.

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  24. 8 years and counting says:

    I just realized that I would already have to be pregnant to have a baby before next Christmas. Now to spend the rest of the year ‘planning’ to be pregnant by Christmas. “sigh”

  25. Victoria says:

    Had to laugh out loud at this. My AF arrived roughly 20mins after my sister in law announced her pregnancy. At that point I was 4 days late and she was excited that we’d be pregnant together. But no such luck. TTC 6 years had #1 IUI.