Dec 22

Dear Santa,

Me again! How’s it going? Mrs. Clause treating you well? Santa, I have been a very good girl this year. I have taken my folic acid on a daily basis (minus last month when I said “screw you, folic acid” during a very crampy menstrual period). I have stuck a thermometer in my mouth every single morning to chart my temperature (and have only cheated twice by taking my temperature after my shower). Even last week when we went out for dinner, I didn’t look at the toilet paper once when I went to the bathroom at Mork’s Fine Steakhouse. Santa, I was a very good girl when my husband had a three day business trip during my peak ovulation period. I only overacted a little bit by begging him to stay home, then crying later over a bowl of mint chip ice cream. Then there was the time when I acted super strong after my cycle failed and then cried only a little in front of a Wal-Mart cashier named Teresa. I was even really good after my friend Bessie-Sue posted all her pregnancy belly photos on Facebook (if you refer to photo number 45 called “My Six Month Belly Picture,” you will even see that I nicely commented, “Hey Bessie-Sue, your belly looks great!”  That’s pretty darn nice, if you ask me.

Santa, my husband has also been a very good boy. He went for his semen analysis test without putting up a fuss. He didn’t get mad at me when I made him watch a documentary called, “I’m Infertile, Now What?” and he even took vitamins to increase his sperm count, (even when it strangely also increased the hair on his back). There was also the time when his sister got pregnant with her third accidental baby and he spared telling me until we got home. I’d say that this year, we have been both pretty darn good.

Please fill our stockings with baby dust and fill our Christmas tree with light and hope and determination. Please bring us strength and optimism and fill our hearts with positive thoughts in the new year.

With Love, Infertile in the City

P.S. Santa, please also throw in some hope for our friends who don’t celebrate Christmas. They also need a bit of Mazel in their Tovs too.

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26 Responses to “#692 Dear Fertility Santa”

  1. Hannah says:

    I’m hoping Santa will bring me some Follistim in my stocking. Oh, he can throw in some free HcG and Progesterone too! :)

  2. Penelope says:

    Dear Santa,

    Please bring us hope. We’re running out. Also faith, we’re low on that too.


  3. Amanda says:

    that was awesome!! and I really hope that Santa brings baby dust to everyone

  4. Stacey says:

    P.S. I didn’t start bawling or go ballistic when in-laws repeatedly pointed out how nice our backyard would look with a swingset in it or how we “need” three children or bragged on the other grandchild that belongs to hubby’s 10-year-younger brother. Yep, we’ve been very good this year!

  5. Michelle says:

    omg that’s brilliant and sounds like I could have written it except it’s MY single baby sister who literally did two weeks ago announce her 3rd accidental pregnancy. It’s been a weepy couple of days, I think it’s pms. I’m going to go cry now…

  6. scandinavian endo girl, only-aunti? says:

    I´m gonna ask my fertility birthdayfairy, who gave me the best present ever five days in advance, to talk to fertility santa and here other friends for all you fabulous girls out there.

    X-mas hugs from
    Scandinavian endo girl who once again believes in magic

  7. Kate says:

    Dear Santa,

    All we want for Christmas is a baby – in the meantime please send lots of hope, joy, and faith that one day our dreams will come true.

    Please send lots of baby dust to us and all the lovely ladies out there.

  8. Kristen says:

    Dear Santa,

    Please send a baby this coming year… I have also been a good girl. Even when my co-worker who sat next to me at work announced that she “accidentally” got pregnant with her first baby and I had to request to move seats so I wouldn’t have to watch her growing belly month after month. It’s still hard to see everyone fuss over the 3-D picture she has at her desk and feel her belly. I think I have earned my baby brownie points.

    My younger brothers are about to get married next year and I’m almost positive that their young, fertile fiancees won’t waste any time in popping out a few nieces and nephews.

    I just don’t want despair to have it’s place in my heart for this coming year. So please… grant me this one Christmas wish.. for a baby of my own flesh and blood to cradle in my arms.

    Thanks a bunch,


  9. Secondary Naomi says:

    Oooh yes, and my husband has been very good while having a big needle in his balls 4 times this year. Please reward him with boy/ girl twins when we have ivf 14 in Jan. Xxx thanks in advance ;)

  10. Bella says:

    Dear Fertility Santa,

    All my husband and I want is a baby. I’ve been a good girl this year. I even congratulated my annoying coworker who shoved an ultrasound picture (of Baby #2) in my face this week, on the same day I had to make my first RE appointment. I also smiled when our Office Manager informed us that 7 people in my office have babies on the way this year. I hope you can at least bring me a little hope that we will have a baby eventually. I am praying that my plan to drink during the Christmas celebrations will help to keep the pregnancy questions away.

    Love, Bella and Mr. Bella

  11. Mouse says:

    And Santa, if it’s not too much trouble, a note in my new RE’s stocking telling her to call me back for an appointment before January 31 would be greatly appreciated.

  12. Toni says:

    You mean I’m not the only one who cried in front of Teresa? That’s the girl who should get something good in her stocking.

    How about, I also showed up to a baby shower sober and I bought presents for 10 children who are not my own and I didn’t cry once while doing it. Also, I hung my cute-baby Christmas cards and didn’t shred them. Surely that one is worth twins. Right?

  13. Brandy says:

    Dear Santa,

    All we want for Christmas is a BFP… from there I will find the faith and determination that I need to go on. I thought I would be showing 8-week ultrasound pictures of my little one this Christmas, but for whatever reason God decided my baby was too precious for earth at only 5 weeks along. I am happily married to the best man in the world (no offense ladies, I’m just a little biased) and we already have a room for a nursery. We have respectable jobs, we do not live on government money, we do not use drugs (with the exception of Clomid, progesterone, baby aspirin, prenatal vitamins, DHA supplement, and Fertil-Aid for men), and we have a clean background check. For some reason, however, the naughty little boys and girls are the ones getting the babies for Christmas and not us. What else do I need to do to prove to you that I am deserving of this gift? My Christmas wish is that the good people in the world will no longer suffer from the pain of infertility.

    Love, Brandy, the hubby, and the four fur babies

    P.S. I will leave you a chocolate Belly Bar and some organic DHA Omega-3 rich milk, a special treat from my kitchen!

  14. says:

    oh yes, this one is PERFECT!!

    I too, was good this year. I bought gifts for 8 children this year AND managed NOT to cry at all on Christmas!!! Christmas Eve was a different story, when I cried while listening to Christmas music, heading home in my car while DH was sleeping in the passenger seat…

  15. Danielle says:

    My husband (age 40) and I have been TTC for over a year, and I’m in the middle of (another) cycle induced by provera and ovulation (hopefully) stimulated by Clomid. I’m going for a blood test on Wed to see if I actually ovulated…
    I just found this website and it made me laugh….it’s been a while! I haven’t found anyone who really understands, so it’s great to hear so many familiar stories. Getting through the holidays was ROUGH, seeing all our families with so many children. Of course they all look to us to see if we’re going to be adding to the family soon.
    I, too, was a good girl and didn’t rip anyone a “new one” for Christmas.
    My mother- and sister-in-law have gone so far as to try to track my cycle so they’ll know if I’m prego. Fooled them, I don’t have a cycle!!! I got along with my inlaws just fine until we started TTC…the constant questions that TOTALLY cross the line…we haven’t told them a thing beyond the fact that we’re trying…I wouldn’t put it past my mother-in-law to call us up and say, “hey, it’s day 14, so don’t forget to have sex tonight…and put a pillow under your butt, ’cause I’ve heard that helps”…
    Sorry if I sound a little bitter, but being surrounded by thoughtless, intrusive people is so frustrating….this blog made me feel a little more sane.
    Thanks for that.

  16. says:

    this is great!!! I am going to check out that movie you made your husband watch..where can I find it?

  17. naomi also says:

    Two of my friends (who just had a baby within the past year) announced to their families this christmas that they are expecting #2.
    This is christmas #3 of ttc for us.
    It’s hard.

  18. Brandy says:

    Hey Santa, it’s me again… just wanted to update my letter. Not only was I a very good girl this year, but on Christmas Eve I took my turn with the 2 month old first great grandson on my husband’s side (that we should have given birth to but that’s beside the point), and I played with him for hours and even changed him into his little Santa suit for pictures and I DIDN’T CRY! No, not even when I got home! So please Santa, let us have our own little baby next Christmas, the second great grandson of the family.

  19. Brandy says:

    …… or great granddaughter, not picky, you know what I meant :)

  20. 7 years and counting says:

    We were so relieved that we had gotten through Christmas without a pregnancy announcement and then yesterday a card arrived in the mail from my husbands cousin letting us know their news.
    This is not fair! This couple was in high school when we started trying and now they have graduated from university, been married for a year and already expecting!

  21. Rae says:

    Dear Santa,
    Just wanted to drop you a line and ask just a little bit of a favour, I know I am too late for 2010 Christmas but I certainly don’t mind waiting until next Christmas if you see my behaviour is good enough to earn the honour of having a baby.
    As you can see from this year, Santa I have been very good, wished my friends well every day when they post their pregnancy updates on Facebook, I bought heaps of presents for the children I have in my life, who although I love dearly are just not mine. I have not yelled or screamed when my friends tell me they know how I feel, (seriously yeah thanks for that).
    I did not jump down my mothers throat when she calmly suggested I sleep with someone other than my husband (hhhmmmm let me think……… the problem is me duh).

    I really really really would like to have a baby or two of my very own Santa I really dont even care if its a boy or girl.

    Waiting in hope

  22. scandinavian endo girl, angel mom. says:

    Dear santa, stoks and fairies.

    I have a new wishes for you, even though christmas is over for now. Take good care of our little angel and tell that mom and dad have a special plase for their angel in their hearts forever.

    RIP our littel one

  23. scandinavian endo girl- So sorry to hear that. Sending you some hope and strength for a good 2011.

  24. Marta says:

    Scandinavian endo girl—I’m so so sorry for your loss. Sending a lot of hugs and love your way. Keeping you in my prayers

  25. Sammie says:

    I, too, asked Santa for a gift this year… I explained how good I’ve been and how I deserved it this year, and he thought I deserved my monthly friend lol. Some humor he has lol!

    But, I did not cry when all my friends announced they are pregnant and have thei ultrasound pics as their profile photos, most on number 2, and I did not cry when my co-workers got pregnant, or the lady across the street. I did not cry infront of Teresa @ Walmart when I had to buy more ovulation kits, or at the fertility specialist when he suggested that my only option is IVF, and he doesn’t even think that will work, or when watching MTVs 16 and Pregnant and seeing little girls receive a miracle that they don’t understand. But, I did cry when I dropped my ice cream at Dairy Queen and broke down for 30 minutes in the car and my husband had to get dropped off by his friend to drive me home b/c I was too hysterical to drive. : /

  26. scandinavian endo girl, angel mom. says:

    Thank you Infertile Naomi and Marta.
    I need all the strength I can get, It´s hard to take in the things that´s happend this last week. Loosing our angel in week 19, I don´t have words.