Sep 14

Hey, you don’t have kids, do you want to babysit our children?

You have become the childless babysitter. You are asked to look after your friend’s kids, your brother’s kids, your neighbor’s kids because heck, you’re not busy! It’s like they think they are doing you a favor by asking you to mind their child. “Naomi and husband don’t have kids. Let’s do them a favor and let them enjoy ours for a few hours. They are probably doing nothing anyways.” 

But truthfully as hard as it is, you do love looking after their babies. You and your partner have a great time, playing with the kids (even if you think about stealing them. Which you won’t). But you have the most kid un-friendly house! What are these kiddies going to play with anyways? Your expensive glass table? Perhaps they would like to play with your awesome set of special knives or they could have fun with your super fun dishwasher! There is absolutely nothing to play with in your house. Maybe they can build a nice castle of dirt in your backyard or you can give them a fun axe to play with.

Sure, we would love to babysit your children but just know that:

  1. We will think about stealing them (but we won’t).
  2. We will pretend that they are our children.
  3. We will have an emotional breakdown after you leave. “Why aren’t WE pregnant yet!!” Sob.

If you want to leave your children with an infertile, just know the consquences.

14 Responses to “#718 The Childless Babysitter”

  1. says:

    HAHA! I always feel this exact way whenever I babysit my neices/nephews! There is NOTHING to do here for kids except sit and watch TV which I would feel like a bad aunt if all they did was stare at the tube! I think it’s the perfect excuse to set up a playroom and nursery for my non-existent child! Kill two birds w/ one stone! (that’s a horrible saying, but you know what I mean!) :-P

  2. says:

    Same here… Except I have toys – mostly the ones I grew up playing with, that my mom gave me when she was giving my older and younger sisters their childhood toys because they actually needed/wanted them for their children.
    Throw in teach every child in the church… Because of course I have all this spare time to do Bible studies by myself and get all the grown-up time I need with hubby. Right. Except I’m babysitting more nights than I’m home.
    Of course I love it, and I love the tons of kids who call me their aunt. But sometimes it would be nice to NOT be the designated babysitter!

  3. Randi says:

    Probably my favorite post so far! A friend has a little girl who just turned three and my husband and I joke all the time about stealing her!! She’s exactly the age our IVF baby would be if it hadn’t failed (ouch) :(

  4. says:

    So true!

  5. says:

    A friend and her 5 month old baby stayed with us for 2 weeks. He was so adorable that I had half a mind to a)steal him b)eat him up because his cheeks were so chubby! (no I am not a thief or a cannibal).
    As much joy as it was, it was a constant reminder of how much we were missing out on. He gave me the happiest two weeks in a long time, but also left a bigger hole than ever before.

  6. says:

    lmao, that’s great. This post could probably go on and on… you know we need warning labels or something ;)

  7. Starfish says:

    I loved this post! I’ve been a bit avoidant of babysitting other friend’s kids. Thank you for capturing how weird it can be.

  8. Hope says:

    Not only do I babysit for my friends and family, but I actually have everything baby related, I even have clothes boy and girl form newborn to 2t, so all they have to bring is the baby…
    (I have no kids :(But boy when I do, I will be set!)

    My Husband has told me no more baby items after I fill up the spare bedroom. At least I get everything super cheap at yardsales.

  9. Rae says:

    I actually work in childcare so babysitting is an everyday occurrence, yeah didn’t realise I was infertile till after I started and now I love the kids too much to quit. Its not the other parents I have the problem with its my boss and the , its OK Rachel will work over the Christmas break she doesn’t have family remark, what the hell is my husband chopped liver?????

  10. 7 years and counting says:

    You are all a lot stronger than I am, I just can’t do it. I do find it strange that my husbands sisters have both taken turns yelling at us for not wanting to watch the kids.

  11. Catharine says:

    I used to love babysitting my husband’s nephew, but his mom doesn’t work, so those times are far and few in between. I used to do the same thing… consider stealing him (I wouldn’t), struggle to find something for him to do (we have the display of special knives on glass tables too!) and then bawl hysterically when he has to go.

  12. Anonymous says:

    So now we’re officially godparents to 5 different children. We’re thrilled and honored that our friends think so highly of us. Now, instead of just day dreaming about stealing a baby, I sometimes day dream about terrible disasters that would result in us getting all five kids. I swear I wasn’t always this twisted :)

  13. Loved this post! I was a little evasive babysitting other friends. Thanks to understand how this is strange…