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There are movies about pregnancy, films about babies and flicks about the happily married couple who accidentally got pregnant on their honeymoon. How about realistic movie where the main character is a bitter and jealous infertile? A movie where the main character analyzes the toilet paper, sobs about getting her period and has facial hair due to PCOS!

Here are some movies that would make better infertility flicks…

  1. The (Infertile) Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (and the Twisted Uterus). The main character, Lisbeth Salander, hunts for a murderer and then finds clues to show that she has ovulated.
  2. Eat, Pray, Glove. Starring one woman’s journey to eat through Italy, Pray through India and ask herself ‘why did I ever use a condom as a contraceptive in the first place?”
  3. S.A.L.T (Sally’s Awesome Laparoscopy Treatment). The movie would have starred Angelina Jolie except that her character was not realistic as  she has 3 adopted children and 3 biological children, (including a set of non IVF twins).
  4. (Baby-Making) Sex and the City. Lots of sex in the city. No baby.
  5. Twilight. Attention all vampires. It’s fertility blood test appointments! Come and suck our blood!
  6. Juno. Movie category: Unrealistic. A story about a teenager who got ‘accidentally’ knocked up on her first try after drinking alcohol and having lots of coffee. She also relaxed so it could just happened.

And don’t forget, these other classic movie favorites, Reason to Laugh at Infertility #786 “You had me at Transvaginal Wand.”

19 Responses to “#732 Infertility Movies”

  1. LOL! You Always make me laugh. A subplot you missed of Twilight was that the vampire keeps missing the neck and thus can’t get the blood. ;)

  2. christina says:

    Naomi- haven’t you seen “Raising Arizona”? It’s all about a couple who is infertile and how they steal a baby!! It’s pretty much the funniest movie ever in my bok! “and there was this woman who looked as fertile as the tennessee valley but alas her insides were a rocky place where my seed could find no purchase” lmao!

  3. says:

    Hilarious. I thought of a few too:

    Dinner for Infertiles – Everyone is invited to a dinner party and they all have to bring an infertile. Maybe a good twist would be everyone else at the party is pregnant.

    Inconception – Instead Inception. A mystery about why one woman can’t get pregnant.

    Thanks for smiles!

  4. Nicole says:

    Love love love this! I wouldn’t mind tv shows, either… Real Infertiles of ( insert your city here). “Tune in weekly to follow four women on their quests to go from housewife to stay at home mom!”

    I’d pay double to go to the infertile movies and I would definitely dvr the tv shows!

  5. Cherbear says:

    Angela, those are so funny too!!

    “The Hangover” – The day after Emma’s IVF fails, she wakes up with a massive hangover from all the binge-drinking that ensued.

    “Sleeping with the Enemy” – Woman deceitfully sleeps with her husband’s evil boss in order to try to conceive.

    “Hot tub time machine” – An infertile couple goes back in time to erase all the times Jim ever got in a hot tub in college, which seemingly depleted his sperm count.

  6. Nicole R. says:

    Wow!! I <3 this site!! Always cheers up after a long hard day at the grocery store where every woman besides me is pregnant or has a screaming toddler with her!! Thanks you!!

  7. Love your comments! You are all MUCH funnier than me.

  8. Dana says:

    You help us to be funny, don’t forget that!

  9. Kira says:

    Haha…don’t forget “the box” (no need to change name), a frightful tale of suspense…it’s awful not knowing what one will find in the box! OR “The Invention of Lying,”…I just know I’m pregnant this time (lying to yourself), of course I don’t think you’re crazy taking another test (DH lying to you), I’d love to throw you a baby shower (lying to your best friend or sister-in-law)!

  10. Lisa says:

    Oooh, if the do the “Real Infertiles of _____” I bet the show would pay for your fertility treatments!!!! Maybe “Extreme Fertility Makover” We need to petition the networks!!!
    And Naomi, I think we’d all nominate you as you have the humor and personality to share the wackiness of IF with the world!

  11. Jen says:

    Did you hear about the Morgans deals with infertility. My husband and I both cried when we watched it.

  12. Tara says:

    There is such a realistic infertility movie–it’s called “Maybe Baby” and stars, oddly enough, Hugh Laurie (of House, MD fame) and Joely Richardson as a couple trying unsuccessfully to conceive. Not too sappy and definitely with some humorous bits.

  13. says:

    There are two that always get to me…

    “Couples’ Retreat”. Jason Bateman and Kristen Bell’s characters are about to divorce over infertility. At one point she screams at him, “It’s not my fault I can’t get pregnant!”

    Oddly enough, also that Ashley Judd movie where she’s a lawyer defending her husband in military court. That addresses infertility a lot.

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  18. I have a question I have been trying to remember a name of a movie that is a comedy about a woman trying to conceive behind her husbands back feeling like her clock is ticking & with her feeling like she’s running out of time & her husband not wanting any kids. She goes to the extent of giving herself fertility drugs & to the point of stealing her husbands sperm after he want to be really percautious by using a condom. During this she is working I believe odd jobs wearing a costume encouraging customers for the fast food restaurants. Trying to give herself the fertility shots making it really difficult. She becomes upset with a salesman that keeps calling her on the phone she ends up having a bad day to a point she threatens this salesman. I remember at the end she has her husbands sperm in a paper bag & 2 cops are arresting her she almost looses the sperm but finally becomes pregnant after the sperm being inserted. I believe it shows a portrait of the 2 cops her & her husband & a baby (boy). For some reason I kept thinking heather graham playing as this character but the movie that comes up isn’t the one I’m thinking of. I have no idea what the name of this movie is but I have been telling my family about it but I can’t recommend them seeing it not knowing what the name is. It’s a good comedy & I would love to see it again. .

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