Jun 13

Where can you get a quickie fertility treatment? You can get your lips enlarged within 20 minutes; your butt enhanced in a day, and even laser eye treatment can be completed over your lunch hour! Where is our quickie fertility treatments?

Are you kidding us? All you do is WAIT for your bloody fertility treatments! The process of IVF or other fertility treatments can take WEEKS and WEEKS to complete. For your fertility treatment, you have to wait for cycle day 1 (aka your period), take a bunch of fertility drugs, wait for ovulation, then twittle your thumbs for two more weeks until test time. In that time, Paris Hilton had a full botox done…three times. Can’t you just go to Las Vegas and get one of those quickie fertility treatments? A 30 minute treatment by the pool side, where you just sit on a nest and produce 12 eggs. Sven, the pool boy, squirts in some sperm and bing, bang, boom, you’re done. You can go to Vegas and get a quickie wedding, a tummy tuck, and a new Jennifer Grey nose job within minutes but a quickie IVF? No one is doing it (you know because you asked Google).

For the love of God, just give us a nest to sit on or something. If that would get you pregnant, you’d do it.

7 Responses to “#748 Can I just get a Quickie IVF in Las Vegas?”

  1. Tayah says:

    hahahaha u googled it. i love it. i have done similar desperate google searches : /

  2. Nicole says:

    The creators of google must have been fellow infertiles…. They understood that we needed someone to ask all of our imaginative questions!!!

  3. says:

    LOL at the Google search. :P

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  5. the misfit says:

    I would absolutely nest, in the literal sense. I think I already nest in the figurative sense…

  6. says:

    LOL. A faster process would be ideal!

  7. says:

    Actually I live in Las Vegas and you can do vacation/IVF here with my doctor. He is at The Fertility Center of Las Vegas. Go towww.vegasivfholiday.com

    Just thought you should know. I laughed when I saw it. LOL.