May 11

Have you had your ‘thank goodness I’m not her‘ moments? Yes, you have.
The ‘thank goodness I’m not her’ moments come in many forms and typically revolve around other women struggling with infertility. These are thoughts that live inside your head and you think no one else knows about them. And they seem to make you feel better about your own infertile situation…

Thank goodness I’m not her- She’s been trying to conceive for over 20 years and still hasn’t gotten pregnant yet. I’ve only been TTC for a couple of years.

Thank goodness I’m not her- She had to go through 12 IVFs in order to get pregnant, I only did a handful.

Thank goodness I’m not her- Her husband’s sperm has 8 heads and 17 tails. 

Thank goodness I’m not her- She is much older than I am and she doesn’t have a baby yet. I would be panicking. At least I’m still only (insert your age in here).

Thank goodness I’m not her- She has a twisted uterus and soft boiled eggs. At least that’s not our issue.

Thank goodness I’m not her- She’s is still trying to find a husband before having a baby.

And it’s okay to have these feelings because, infertile and all, thank goodness you’re not her and be thankful that you’re still just you.

13 Responses to “#762 The “thank goodness I’m not her” moments”

  1. camille says:

    ha. Yes I have TOTALLY had the “Thank goodness i’m not her, she’s older than me. Phew.”

    Im such a hypocrite!

  2. says:

    I find I have these moments for different reasons. . . . like when someone else’s IUI results in a high-order multiples pregnancy, or I stumble across the blog of someone with three children under age 2. There are some things worse than being childless, and I think one of them is having too many children to handle!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I find myself having the opposite thought more, which is the “wish I was her.” You know you’re in a bad place when you find yourself bitter and jealous of fellow infertiles. “Two rounds of clomid worked for her????” God, it’s painful admitting that. You should change this blog to 999 confessions. I always find myself admitting the oddest things here.

  4. HollyT says:

    I just want to claim the comment above. I didn’t mean to be anonymous. I’m a proud infertile (who can’t figure out the correct way to leave a comment).

  5. DH and i have a saying….”life could suck so much worse”…..yes, yes it could….like S says above, i couldn’t imagine having multiples! i’ll take none over too many….is that too honest?

  6. says:

    I don’t think “thank goodness I’m not her” I think “omg I couldn’t go on that long… does she do it????/”

  7. Becky says:

    My “thank goodness I’m not her” moment usually comes at the grocery store when a welfare/crackhead mom is rounding up her 7 dirty kids.

  8. Shelley says:

    That used to be me, but now after so many miscarriages and failures, I’m the “her” that everyone is afraid to be.

  9. Marci says:

    I have more of the “why can’t I be her” moments.

  10. SingleTTC says:

    I don’t think that being single should be a “Thank Goodness I’m Not Her” moment. It makes it sound like being a single mom or trying to become mom while single is a scarlet letter. It’s not everyone’s choice but I think (responsible) women who are TTC while single and are conciously doing so are strong & brave women… sometimes the right guy hasn’t come along – and, like myself, sometimes unfortunately our backs are against a reproductive wall (at an early age).

  11. InfertileNaomi says:

    Absolutely nothing wrong with being single. Many us of would do the exact same thing in your shoes. During infertility, sometimes thoughts come into our heads that we are not proud of. Everyone might be in different situations but our common bond is we all know what it’s like to want a baby.

  12. Stacie says:

    Oh lighten up! It’s a funny blog. If you don’t have a sense of humour, don’t read it!

  13. Sara says:

    This is why I am addicted to MTV’s 16 and pregnant. I can spend a whole evening thinking “Thank goodness I am not her” She may be fertile, but I have not only a job but a career, a house, a man I didn’t trap, parents that aren’t disappointed in me and I don’t long to hang out with my friends rather than clean up baby poop. Everyone in my high school is very sympathetic towards me (via Facebook) instead of calling me names.

    I know alot of infertile women can’t watch that show, but honestly, it makes me count my blessings. They won’t have a fabulous apartment on the beach and spend all their paycheck on shoes like I did at 23, and most probably won’t triple their income from age 22 to age 31 like I have.