Apr 04

You’ve had many bad infertile days. The “wonderful” memories of you crying on the bathroom floor; recalling the sweet time where you had an emotional breakdown in the grocery store; and that magical moment where you cried in front of your boss. What wonderful memories. What freakin’ wonderful infertile memories.

You also know it’s a bad infertile day when…

  1. A boss asks you how you are today and you respond “emotionally unstable.”
  2. Your waitress asks what type of eggs you want and you start telling her about your two beautiful fertilized embryos.
  3. A telemarketer asks if you have children and you start telling him about your latest miscarriage.
  4. You ask at the garden store if they have something to make you more fertile.
  5. You burst into tears at a Starbucks because the Barista asked if you want a kiddie sized hot chocolate.
  6. You give the finger to a family of traveling ducks, crossing the street.
  7. You tell the car salesman about your latest artificial insemination.
  8. You curse a box of tampons at a visit to the drug store.
  9. You have to wear a pirate patch so people can’t see your swollen, tearful eyes.
  10. You begin most conversation with the F word.

19 Responses to “#781 You know it’s a bad infertile day when…”

  1. Aiza says:

    Love #6 LOL!!!

  2. I love it!! I ALWAYS love your posts and facebook stats! :)

  3. Cherbear says:

    #8 is me!!! But I curse the boxes of pregnancy tests too, because they are always BFN for me!!!

  4. says:

    I’m loving #6. I believe I’ve given the finger to those “happy family” stickers that everyone seems to have on their minivans.

  5. says:

    I think I’ve done ALL of those, but I particularly like #6.

  6. kara says:

    Number 1 resonates with me for sure! I’ve not only bawled my eyes out in front of her when my 1st attempt at IVF was cancelled, but on Friday I had a major meltdown upon hearing my 2nd attempt might be cancelled. In fact, I even mentioned being side-tracked by Dr. Google.

    I’m a fricken’ mess…but your posts cheer me up! Thanks for the laugh!

  7. I get pissed every time I buy a box of tampons. It’s like they’re mocking me.

  8. treadingwater says:

    No. 6 is the best…. I’ve had a similar reaction to the resurgence of the “baby on board” sticker!

  9. says:

    LOL! #6

  10. Alice says:

    I love #6 too. It actually brought tears to my eyes. Hormones, anyone?

  11. Chrissi says:

    … when I went to the hairdresser’s yesterday to give me a treat. After the girl spilt some hairdye on my best cardigan we talked about the weather (and I’m not a talker at the hairdresser’s normally, she literally forced me to talk to her). She told me that abrupt weather changes are the reason for her bad headaches…. and unfortunately she is not allowed to take any aspirin at the moment… because she is pregnant, of course! Oh and how wonderful it is to feel and see a baby develop inside of you!
    That made my day as you can imagine! C.

  12. Naemi says:

    Actually, I’m aaalways buying tampons. In big boxes, the more the merrier. I’m going after the umbrella- rule. If you have one, you will not need it. If you have none, it’s gonna rain.

    (nope, still not pregnant)

  13. C says:

    “No. 6 is the best…. I’ve had a similar reaction to the resurgence of the “baby on board” sticker!”

    Ugh, my neighbors just put one of those on their car, I give it a dirty look every single day.. damn them and their fertile-ness!

  14. says:

    When I got angry at the fact that my office co workers dog got pregnant first go.

  15. WindDrop says:

    Love #6. In my case it was the inbreeding outdoor cats next door doing it in the middle of the road. Here comes the next batch of unfixed cats. They are currently at 20 and counting!!! Though I don’t think I flipped them off, pretty sure I cried that I can’t be that fertile.

  16. Michelle says:

    Love #6 LOL!!!

  17. Jenn Caboom says:

    #8 is me every month, I just love how conveniently the baby stuff is in the same isle as well. I pretty much flip off the whole isle when walking down it.

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  19. scandinavian endo girl, only-aunti? says:

    It´s a bad infertil day:

    When you nearly atack Ms ***** , whom you haven´t seen in 15 years, just because she asks you if you have a family.
    You stand there smiling polite and listening to here bragging about here three grandchildren your old clasmate and friend from junior high have given here-

    All you really wanna do is cry your eyes out and cuddel up in your hubbys arms, and get your dad to have a talk with that awful mean lady who made you feel bad.

    Love no. 6

    -only aunti?-