Jan 17

Doctors recommend that you should be at your ideal weight when trying to conceive.

Oh, so that’s all we have to do? Just lose (or even gain) those extra 10 pounds? Super! That seems so incredibly easy. Perhaps, you were at your ideal weight 3+ years ago and then entered the wonderful world of infertility. You gained extra weight thanks to fertility drugs and then added some additional pounds due to a couple miscarriages. You would have hit the gym but your RE told you to refrain from exercise for a two week period. Then when you tried to exercise, your underwear overflowed with vaginal suppository discharge and you almost tripped on the puddle beneath you. And when you got your period and saw that negative pregnancy test, yet again, did you feel like eating healthy? NO WAY! You had cookies and a bowl of sugar for lunch followed by a bag of potato chips dipped in chocolate liqueur or dinner. But in a way, you have exercised! You’ve had sex almost 5,000 times in the past few years and then did acrobats following including putting pillows under your butt and doing a full handstand.

A few years ago, you might have been at your ideal weight for conceiving but your bank account was also filled with money.

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20 Responses to “#819 Just lose some weight and you’ll get pregnant”

  1. Kim says:

    OH My Gosh I LOVE This one!! So true….shockingly, although I am very over weight, not one doctor or RE has scolded me yet. THANK GOD!! Let's hope it stays this way. Nothing like being hypothyroid AND Infertile. Double Whammy.

  2. cheryl says:

    I don't buy weight has anything to do with it. My brother and his wife weigh triple what they should (yes they are both over 400 pounds) and they have gotten pregnant quickly twice (I know because the first pregnancy ended in a late miscarriage and after a few months she was pregnant with my nephew). Then there is dh's brother's wife who is way too skinny – actually severely underweight and she has gotten pregnant easily twice. Me and dh are the only normal weight people (mind you we are little bit chubby from all the meds and stuff, but not obese) and we are the ones that needed ivf. Go figure!

  3. Shana says:

    You are so right. All the sex should count as exercise.

  4. Shanny says:

    Its all lies, they lie!
    They make you gain weight with all the treatments and the stress then they tell you to lose the weight as an excuse for them "not getting you pregnant yet" Bastards!

  5. Baby On Mind says:

    Good one. I already have my excuses lined up for not going to the Y.

  6. Jules says:

    I love that there are so many ideas about how to "easily" get pregnant that counteract each other.

    1)Losing weight can help you conceive faster.

    2)Exercise can make you infertile.

    It makes me want to scream, "pick one!!"

  7. Nikus says:

    Exactly what we were told, and let's just say I am still on Weigh Watchers with the same freaking 10 lbs that come back and go away and come back and go away and…

  8. LaurenKauf says:

    yeah…I've got a cousin that could stand to lose weight and she is expecting. I've been told to "lose 20% of my body weight to up my chances of becoming preggo buy 80%) Well, on this hope, I had weight loss surgery, lost 85 pounds and guess what…YUP! Still infertile.

  9. Kristina says:

    So true…its almost uncomfortable to laugh at. "You want me at what weight…oh the one I was at before we started TTC? GREAT. Oh, and you want me to lose it while taking what?!?!?"

  10. suchagoodegg says:

    This is painfully true. I've gained lots of weight since TTC….purely b/c I everyone from my Mom to my acupuncturist said my healthy 5day/week exercise habit was the reason I couldn't get preggo. Ummm, what?!?

  11. Jodie says:

    Being told to lose weight by Drs is one of my pet hates. If being At the ideal weight was such an easy task to do. Every one would be at their perfect weight!

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. Where's My Stork? says:

    Good one! I love it when Drs tell people they need to lose weight…as if they dont already KNOW that!! I especially love it when the Drs are fat themselves!

  14. the misfit says:

    Right on.

    I was told several years ago (not by a doctor, thank goodness) that I really needed to gain weight if I was ttc – since this gal was having trouble before she gained ten pounds and immediately conceived HER FOURTH.

    I have now gained almost twenty pounds. I'm still in the "normal" weight range according to the dumb BMI website, but I no longer look like the person I remember, I am constantly growing out of the too-big clothes I most recently bought, it's impossible to dress appropriately for work, I have no energy, I'm uncomfortable, and I'm depressed. (Thank you, fertility drugs!) After struggling to get an exercise regimen back for a year, I am determined that this time I am going to lose the weight, fit back into my cute skirts, boost my metabolism and energy, and feel better about myself. And if I hear anything about needing to weigh more, boy is someone going to get an earful. Please, tell me when my hormone levels were completely normal at a higher weight! Hello? I'm listening…

  15. Krystal says:

    Yeah it's stupid to be told weight has to do with it because it doesn't always! I'm overweight, I'll admit, I've lost 50 pounds, and spent 2 1/2 years trying to conceive #2 just to get pregnant and miscarry! My SIL? She's now a good 30-50 above me, pregnant with #3 and due when I was. She of course has the nerve to say, "we were going to start TTC in 6 months… but this works!"

    Words coming from a fertile… if weight has anything to do with anything, then how did that work out?

  16. Life In Mazes says:

    I love this one! I am a hefty girl and went to about 8 doctors who told me to lose weight to be able to conceive. I finally found another doctor who looked past the weight issue and discovered that I had severe endo, PCOS, and adhesions everywhere! Once those wer cleared up and I was healed . . . I weighed only 3 pounds less and conceived only six months later. Although I suffered a ectopic pg, I am still so very thankful to have been able to conceive after spending so many years thinking that if I could just get my act together to lose weight, I would be a mommy.
    In my part of the country, there are MANY large mammas with baby bumps who were overweight before they achieved pg.

  17. About us says:

    LOVE it!

  18. Cancer Insurance says:

    Doctors recommend that that person should be at their ideal weight ,when trying to conceive.oh ,so that's all their have to do ?just lose it yaar

  19. canticles says:

    Yep. Lost 178 pounds and am about normal now. I was told the same thing. I guess now that they can't blame it on my weight, they'll actually look to see what the REAL problem is???

  20. amandah says:

    when my husband and i were first looking for an RE, we had a consultation with a woman that said “if you just lost ten pounds, you might just get pregnant”. i was so completely disgusted. we left that appt before it was even over. bedside manner, ever hear of it?