Jan 20

It’s strange. You would never describe yourself as a jealous person. A woman could flirt with your husband and you’re mildly flattered. Your friend gets a great promotion and you’re genuinely happy for her.

But when someone gets pregnant, whether a friend or a complete stranger, you’re jealous, evil side emerges.

It doesn’t even matter who it is. You’re completely envious of all your pregnant friends but you are also jealous of complete strangers on the street, Facebook friends from your past, your parents friend’s children, and anyone else who happens to walk by you that could look pregnant. Good lord, they don’t even have to be pregnant to get your jealousy started – you are jealous even if they seem to have an unconfirmed belly budge or if their television character is pregnant. You would even be jealous of a woman who got pregnant knowing that she suffered through years of infertility treatments. You would be jealous if you’re dog was having puppies, Mertie, the bird, got pregnant or even if a cartoon character was expecting. Damm you Marge Simpson! You never had infertility problems with Bart, Lisa or Maggie! You were jealous of the pregnant “man” and wished you could be the Octomom too.

Wow. Bubbles, your goldfish, is having babies. Yup… Still jealous.

11 Responses to “#816 Your dog is pregnant? Yup…Still jealous”

  1. Chris says:

    I am sooo glad I came across your blog. I have been doing the "I'm alright dance" in front of my family and friends, then I get news of the next preggar friend, there I go again spiraling out of control. No one understands our deep feelings, they say we should be happy for them and just move on. We all know what a TALL order that is! I am glad to now know I am not alone in my feelings or struggles.

  2. Lisa says:

    Agreed…I was watching some movie awhile back…oh yea, the newest Ice Age where the woolly mammoth is pregnant. I started crying when I got home because the stupid woolly mammoth could get pregnant and I couldn't. My husband was so confused and tried to convince me that it was just a cartoon and an animal. But it still upset me! Sigh, these emotions that come with infertility are so strange.

  3. Jen says:

    My God! This blog completes me!
    Well done. Seriously. Hilarious and so true!

  4. Shanny says:

    Hey, we don't need no dogs shoving their fertility in our faces! that's mean.

  5. wifey says:

    This cracks me up! My idiot friends just bred their dog, and yup, she's pregnant, and yup, I can't pet her anymore. Glad it's not just me!

  6. TeeJay says:

    Totally know that feeling.

    I left you an award on my blog!

  7. cheryl says:

    This post reminds me of last year after finding out about my husband's low sperm count and our only chance of conceiving would be through ivf.
    Well I work as a veterinarian and one of my clients had 3 pugs (a brother and 2 sisters). They were brought in for their first shots at like 5 months of age. At that time I told them to get them fixed (they thought they wouldn't breed since they were siblings). Well you can know how this story ends. 1 month later I find out both sisters are pregnant from their brother and 2 months later the family now had 6 new pups. Yes even 2 pugs that weren't even born when we started ttc were mothers before me.

  8. The Quest For Baby Hang says:

    When my Chihuahua and Husky were pregnant last year, I was jealous.. Thinking why can my dogs and I can't??! But then I set my jealousy aside and was happy, then had to deliver my chihiahua's puppies and pull them out of her..was kinda interesting..LOL!

  9. Kaetlyn Wilcox says:

    This morning, as I was sitting in the waiting room at the fertillity (infertility?) clinic, two separate women came in pushing strollers. There were actual babies in BOTH strollers. And I thought to myself, "greedy much?" I mean, really! Of all places to flaunt a baby!

    And then there was the hugely pregnant radiologist who performed my hysterosalpinogram a few weeks ago (after the hugely pregnant nurse led me into the changing room). It was so, so hard not to giggle!

    Thank you so much for writing this blog! It's comforting to have other people to laugh with over these difficult things! Although my parents and husband DID seem to appreciate the internal ultrasound stand-up comedy routine I performed last week over dinner, it really, really helps to know that other people are having the exact same thoughts, feelings and experiences that I am:)

  10. says:

    After we’d been trying for months to get pregnant, I found out my dog might be pregnant and all I could think was “seriously? I can’t but of course my DOG is..how great.” Yeahp, I was jealous…of a dog. :/

  11. Gaby says:

    Kaetlyn, sorry to hear about those two women who flaunted their strollers at your fertility clinic. My fertility clinic has a policy of not bringing infants/children with you. They actually tell you to leave your babies/children at home because seeing babies/children make it very hard for infertiles to watch in the waiting room. I think this policy should be implemented in all fertility clinics.