Jan 21

During the two week wait, you tell yourself “Self, if I’m pregnant, tell me in my dreams.” You fall asleep and let your dreams tell you the answer.

If you were a fertile, you would probably have a fabulous dream about a positive pregnancy test, a glowing belly and holding your precious newborn in your arms. In your dream, you and your partner would be dancing around, perhaps, literally, on a cloud, and grinning about your news. But you are an infertile and pregnancy dreams are rare, if ever. Instead, you dream about your menstrual cycle, a negative pregnancy test and losing your baby. You often know your period is coming a week before simply because of your dream. Perhaps you dreamed that your period arrived and actor Tom Cruise handed you a tampon and says “You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!” Or something along those lines… Sometimes you dream that you take a pregnancy test but can’t tell if it’s two lines or one. Those kind of dreams make you happy. Maybe your dream is trying to tell you you’re pregnant or maybe it’s telling you it’s time to get your eye sight checked. You dream about other people having babies and holding other people’s babies, but why is it never you own?

But if you dream that you are charting your temperature and then Screech from the original TV show Saved by the Bell comes into the bathroom and tells you it’s low and then hands you a chocolate covered pretzel to be eaten at the stroke of midnight, you know that means your pregnant. Right?


8 Responses to “#815 Your dreams never tell you the answers”

  1. leah says:

    I've definitely had that dream about Screech before. What a hottie!

  2. Anonymous says:

    this is so true. i never dream about being pregnant only about getting my period. it is so sad.

  3. RachelP says:

    I had a dream once that I was pregnant. In my dream, I fell asleep in the bed holding my baby, but when I woke up I only could see the baby's feet, she was hanging off the bed. I was horrified! I started to pull the baby back onto the bed only to discover that the baby had turned into a large mouth bass. I felt…unsettled at best. I have to laugh at it now though, our brains go through some weird stuff with our infertility traumas!

  4. cheryl says:

    I actually had good success with AF dreams and bad luck with pregnancy dreams. Before we knew we were infertile (but after trying for many months) I had a pregnancy dream. In my dream I took a hpt and got a clear bfp. The dream was so real and for that whole day in the dream I debated about how I was going to announce it. I woke up from that dream (I was 10-11 dpo) at the time and because the dream was so real I had to poas. It was a bfn. A few hours later AF came.

    On the other hand, during the tww after ivf #1 I had a dream AF came and all I was able to do was repeat the phase "this is too much for spotting" over and over again. A few days later I got my first bfp.

    Now if only my m/c dreams weren't real. Both pregnancies had a similar m/c dream and have lost a baby in each pregnancy.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Actually I have pregnancy dreams all the time. Its heartbreaking when I wake up. One month after my 2nd failed IVF I had a dream I was getting an ultrasound and I was pregnant with twins. I called DH to come look! I guess my mind didnt get the memo that it was a BFN.

  6. Shanice says:

    I had multiple dreams that i took a pregnancy test to only finsh the dream with some one waking you up or the person thats in the dream a few months later im getting a dream about me having a baby boy struggling to breath

  7. Shake says:

    About 2-3 years ago I had a dream I had a baby boy with my bf I was holding him but I couldn’t see his face. I always have dreams of getting my period. But a few days after this period, I had a dream someone told me I was pregnant but idont know who that person was. I do feel a little different. But I don’t know what that dream means.

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