Dec 07


Retailers are wondering why their sales have increased so dramatically this fiscal year in the following categories:

1) Pineapple
2) Raspberry Leaf Tea
3) Dark green leafy vegetables
4) Whole grain products

During a two week period each month, retailers have wondered why sales have increased in these categories. “I can’t keep pineapple on my shelf,” says Farmer Joe of Joe’s Fertile Mart. “The women come in and take all my fresh pineapple and even pineapple flavored gum.” Billy Bob of Folic Bakery agrees. “For two weeks every month, I can’t keep stock of my Folic Acid flavored bagels.” News flash, store owners! The infertile is your best customer. Stock your shelves with loads of fresh pineapple because it’s rumored to help with our uteral lining. We’ll buy extra of that Raspberry leaf tea and anything whole grain is our best friend. Please also keep in mind that we will also go through the “who cares I am not pregnant anyways” diet and purchase a lot of chocolate, diet sodas and sugar-related products.

That teenage girl who accidentally got knocked up surely didn’t get pregnant after drinking her pineapple martini.

3 Responses to “#841 Store owners: keep your shelves stocked of pineapple”

  1. Anonymous says:

    does pineapple actually work?

  2. Laura says:

    so so true!!! With my first cycle, I bought two whole pineapples and extra pineapple juice just in case. I have been on prenatal vitamins and folic acid for two years..just in case! After I got my BFN my good eating plan went out of the window as I started eating all I "couldn't" before!

    Anonymous: Pineapple is suppose to help with implantation as it contains an ingredient that thickens the uterine wall (google it you will find more on it!) You are suppose to eat it raw especially the core part of it starting the day of your ET. I used it and my embryos did not implant… then again others have and it worked for them! I suppose it's something that you can try just for the added comfort!

  3. Claire says:


    Its like week 1- healthy foods, lots of fruits and veggies, week 2- Don't forget the Pom juice! week 3/4 pineapples, then when AF shows junk food, junk food and more junk food, oh and a bottle of wine!