Dec 09

A typical day…..Eat breakfast, go to work, google random infertility phrases….

“Fertility drugs, side effects”
“Sore breasts. Am I pregnant?”
“Dark nipples. Early pregnancy symptom?”
“Will IVF hurt?”
“Does IUI work on first try?”
“Will I ever get pregnant?”

Why do you do this to yourself? Googling negative phrases about infertility does not lead to happy, positive answers! You will often get horror stories that will make you more frightened then before. Do you expect to find delightful, fun answers after googling “embryo retrieval, will it hurt?” or googling “depressed, infertility?” Do you expect to find an answer like ‘The embryo retrieval felt fantastic! I would do it over and over again!…’ Do you expect googling “tender boobies, am I pregnant?” will give you the right answer like ‘tender breasts are a definite sign of pregnancy. You are 100 percent pregnant……’

You spend a lot of time googling fertility symptoms and but do you really believe that anything good will come out of searching for “fertility drug, side effects?” Dr. Google will not tell you that there are zero side effects and you will be just fine. Instead, he will list all the possible scary side effects and it will increase your worrying.

Give yourself a break. The answers are not in the cyber world. The answers come from you and the knowledge that you are stronger and more confident because of infertility.

8 Responses to “#839 Googling "fertility medication side effects" will not lead to positive results”

  1. Mrs. Chief says:

    It's embarrassing when some of the pregnancy/ infertility sites you are looking at at work are blocked for being inappropriate sites….LOL

  2. Noelle says:

    Thank you for posting this. It does make me think about what I search for. No wonder everything I search for makes me depressed!

  3. Dani says:

    Dr Google

  4. misterivf says:

    no wonder fortune tellers are going out of work, Dr Google is it.

  5. egghunt says:

    Thanks! I am in the 2nd week of my IVF 2ww and was almost tempted to start googling things today… but your post has reminded me how stupid that would be!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am guilty of all the googling too. Thanks for the statement at the end. You are right, I am more knowledgable and stronger for being infertile. Thank you for uplifting my day.

  7. nicole says:

    Love your blog and I lol at this post becuase Ifound it by doing just that, googling profasi and infertility like it will make my last IUI successful!!!

  8. Gaby says:

    Guilty as charged. I look up for side effects of fertility drugs while at work, and I always jump in my chair when one of my male co-workers walk up behind me. (I happen to be the only female in a room with 7 other males). And when I try to “minimize” the window, sometimes I accidentally do the opposite and maximize the window instead!! Imagine the awkwardness when my male co-worker stands there and looks at the big words reading “SUCCESS RATES OF INTRAUTERINE INSEMINATION” glowing on my computer screen. He’ll try to avert his eyes and pretend not to notice, but I know he read it.

    Infertility has made me weird in the eyes of my co-workers.