Dec 11

#838 Advice for the fertile

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Hey Fertile!

Need advice on how to tell your infertile friend, you are expecting? Here are some helpful and sensitive tips.

  1. Wear a shirt that says “I’m pregnant but it’s not my husband’s.”
  2. Don’t tell us at all. Avoid us for 9 months and then suddenly appear with a baby, claiming that you stole it.
  3. Come to our fertility appointment and when our legs are in stirrups, share your good news.
  4. Tell us your news in a language we don’t speak.
  5. Make your announcement after handing us a large sum of money.
  6. Tell us your news when we are sleeping or unconscious.
  7. Find a card that says “Only slutty girls get knocked up on their first try.”
  8. Tell us that your baby will probably inherit your husbands nose and receding hair line.
  9. Tell us that you’re pregnant but we get to keep the baby.
  10. Slap us across the face so we we are already in pain when you tell us the news.

15 Responses to “#838 Advice for the fertile”

  1. jackie says:

    don't tell us if we are on our periods or during the two week wait.

  2. callmemama says:

    "Only slutty girls get knocked up on their first try."

    LOL!!! I need to find that card!

  3. Emily says:

    I am totally turning that into something…a shirt…a blinkie…I don't know…but it's awesome!!!

  4. Baby On Mind says:

    I wish I had those lines on a t-shirt or something when my friends told me they were pregnant!

  5. Rach says:

    LOL, large sum of money!!

  6. Al says:

    I'll take the money !! That would make the news go down a little easier, lol

  7. bundle#1 says:

    I love this…I could use the money to help pay for the countless negative preggo tests…..

  8. Carrie says:

    My favorite is number 10!!! Love it!

  9. LaurenKauf says:

    HAHAHA I LOVE number 7!!!!

  10. Jendometriosis says:

    tell me when I'm asleep…and leave a large sum of money under my pillow lol

  11. Tara dS says:

    Just saw the happy news that Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar had their 19th baby today. I'm guessing if she ever had any infertile friends, they all thoroughly hate her by now. Wonder how she breaks the news to her family and friends.

  12. Shanny says:

    I vote for the slap, I want the slap… this way I can slap her right back….

  13. Claire says:

    I like #9. My single girlfriends all promised if they got accidentally ku I could have the baby. I *may* have told them if any of them got pregnant before my I would never talk to them again.

  14. MRS.B says:

    ugh..this is the story of my life right now! i want this on my voicemail when people call, a sign on my front door, a magnet on my car…whatever! i think fertile people can be so thoughtless sometimes!

  15. Kellie says:

    I vote either the money or the baby. And yeah, fertile people can be incredibly thoughtless and hurtful sometimes. Esp. when they've had two "accidently" and say that they understand your pain. Yeah, that's my life right now.