May 18

Dr. Phil loves her and the media goes crazy over her. Nadya Suleman, the single mom of 14 children made international headlines when she gave birth to octuplets through IVF while having 6 small children at home already. I have to admit, I was privately envious of her and thought to myself that I would love to have that many babies (although realistically, I’m sure I wouldn’t). If you don’t happen to know who she is (which you should), visit

Controversial or not, I am willing to admit I was envious of the Octo Mom.

Am I alone on this?

5 Responses to “#986 You are envious of the Octo Mom”

  1. Jessica Loves Trevor (JLT) says:

    You. Are. Awesome! I have loved reading these entries. So much, that I am giving you a blog award- check my blog for details.

    How about this for a reason- Your Husband forbids you to mention Egg White Cervical Mucus ever again WHILE he’s eating scrambled eggs.

  2. Infertile "hoping to be fertile" Naomi says:

    Your hubby does have a point there. You should probably mention cervical mucus during other meals instead. I didn’t even know that word a few years ago!

  3. Jenn says:

    Sort of, I mean, she was probably someone who could have gotten pregnant with out fertility drugs and just time though so I'm not really "that" envious of her.

    I would wish though that kids were "that" easy to come across. It's funny isn't it? If you have no kids like us girls–we're giving sympathy but yet if you manage to have a lot of kids like her–you're also given sympathy…and hate.

    So who wins?

  4. Where is my BFP? says:

    When it comes to Octo mom it brings out more anger and rage than anything else. She doesnt have means to take care of the children she has only to have more? If she can have so many why is it so hard for me to have one?

  5. Sinan Ozyol Poops Himself says:

    I’m not envious of Octomom (after all, she’s an unemployed loser), but I am indeed envious of all those women on “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant.” If only I could be surprised that way….sigh.