May 19

I will not include a picture in this post – I want to have a family-friendly blog.

You just ‘knew’ that you would have problems conceiving before you even started. You had heard it might take a few months but you truly thought it would take you no more than 4 months. Guess what? You were wrong!

You knew early on that you were going to have problems based on your (secret) examination of his sticky white substance. Does he have low sperm count? You had wondered to yourself. You had casually checked out his ‘liquids’ on a few occasions; and you might have even compared it to your ex-boyfriends to ‘come’ to your conclusion: your hubby has low sperm count. You had remembered your ex’s being more plentiful but you don’t mention this to your hubby. You are just privately worried.

At the time of the discovery, you had no medical background to support your hard (o.k soft) findings and you were definitely a non-experienced sperm examiner, but on some level you knew. You just knew. A wife always knows.

I bet this never even crossed your mind on your wedding day (although you sort of wished it did)!

6 Responses to “#985 You knew your hubby had low sperm count just by looking”

  1. Jessica Loves Trevor (JLT) says:

    You crack me up. I “knew” we’d have trouble, and we did! Being psychic is not all it’s cracked up to be.

    PS- Loved your acceptance speech!

  2. Duck says:

    Well I knew the opposite – yup that’s some fertile spunk. I wonder if my husband knew by looking at me ( those aren’t really child bearing hips)…. Really I will never know – as I told him that I was infertile within the first month (which doesn’t make infertility easier – only harder – as I feel more responisibility for bringing the issues into our world (but, at the same point – he also choose this – he had the option of finding some young fertile thing!).

  3. Fertility Chick says:

    Hilarious! Damn me for not “comparing”!! My husband is born and bred Irish (Catholic to boot) and one of 5…I thought there was NO WAY…

    Meanwhile…!! Oh well…love him anyways…and it’s not like I’m full of fertile options…!

  4. JackieMac says:

    Fertility Chick – same here – Irish Catholic and one of 5 – who would of thought.

  5. Infertile "hoping to be fertile" Naomi says:

    Is there such thing as fertility radar? I just ‘knew’ we were going to have problems but it was not based on any facts.

  6. aphrodite2 (aka Brandi) says:

    Interesting that other people ‘knew’ they’d have problems, too. Funny thing is, I knew it at 15 and have assumed all along that it would be me. Turns out the only thing so far is with my darling husband (whom I will love no matter what happens, of course!). Meanwhile, my ex-fiance has two kids so far. But I’ll take infertility with my awesome man over the other options any day. :)(Wait – don’t ask me that on a bad day, LOL!)

    And I agree that your acceptance speech was hysterical!