Feb 03

You purchase a lot of pregnancy tests.

You hate the pregnancy test. Sometimes you’re excited to take the test but most of the time, you don’t know why you bought it in the first place. Pregnancy tests are costly, drive you to depression and 99.9 per cent of the time, the results are negative. You just threw your money down the toilet. Literally. The sad news is that you will probably have to buy them again and again. So what can you do with all those leftover tests? Don’t throw them out. Re-use and Return!

  1. Return the negative tests to the store claiming that it did not have the desired results. You were not 100% satisfied with the product. Try scratching out the (one) line using an eraser or a marker so the test looks (almost) brand new!
  2. Use the leftover tests as drum sticks and form a killer rock band called “The Infertile and the Negatives.” Then audition for American Idol.
  3. Plant the negative tests in a garden planter and try to grow a baby. Two negatives equal a positive, right?
  4. Draw two lines on every negative stick. Next time a nosy relative asks if you’re pregnant, throw the tests at her and scream “Of course I am. Here’s the proof, grandma!
  5. Give them out as party favors when attending your next baby shower.

See. Those negative pregnancy tests can be fun!

photo: here