Jan 04

Does this sound familiar?

You are sitting on the toilet seat in your bathroom, going about your business, when you remember the used negative pregnancy stick sitting in your garbage can. You take it out of the trash and look at it again. Yup. Still negative. Then a “brilliant” thought enters your mind….. What if you pee on it again and see if it changes to a positive. You know the test instructions claim that it is invalid after 10 minutes but it doesn’t say anything about the validity of a used pregnancy test after 24 hours. And this is when you do the “re-pee.”

Verb, definition: to urinate on a used pregnancy stick (preferably your own) to see if it changes from negative to positive.

Strangely, when you do the re-pee, nothing happens. Maybe something is wrong with the test! There is still only one line and then you throw the used test back into the trash can. Hide all the evidence. Later, you might confess to your partner or friend what you did. But don’t brag about it. Only an infertile understands the re-pee. Other people just think urinating on a used stick is gross. When clearly, it’s not.

Don’t be ashamed to do the re-pee. It happens to all of us.

photo: here