Aug 06

Deep Infertile Thought of the Day–>
“Always believe that the glass is half full… unless it’s a semen analysis cup than the cup should really be completely full because a half empty and half full cup may mean he’s shooting blanks.”

3 Responses to “#608 Your Glass is Half Full Unless…”

  1. says:

    This is so true! Love this website. I’ve mentioned it many times on my blog about infertility. We just did IVF so wish us luck!

  2. Alexandra's mum says:

    LOL! This reminds me of the first time my hubby had to give a sample. I was surprised at how little there was and asked him if he spilled any, lol. I was sure he missed some. Turns out, it was a typical amount. Ahhhh, the wonderful and weird things we learn….

  3. says:

    This is a very fitting blog post as my DH just had his first semen analysis yesterday!