Oct 11

Maybe infertility isn’t that funny but you know what is? Your suggested reasons to laugh at infertility! Here are some of your awesome suggestions!

-My favorite is when I am discussing how annoying it is that we only have a slight chance to have children even with IVF (due to Severe Endo and only one remaining, very damaged and clogged fallopian tube) and people say, “You never know…it might just happen naturally…[insert ridiculous success story about so and so's cousin's sister in-law here].” Did I forget to clarify that my eggs are trapped in my ovaries and because of ongoing treatment for Endo, we will never have the luxury of just waiting around for that miracle? -Leslie

-We research the meaning of our pregnancy dreams in the dream dictionary. -Rach

-Because you used to be a private person who was too embarrassed to even have a male OB/GYN, but now, after years of fertility treatments, you don’t care who sees your hoo-hah or has to stick something up it for a treatment or a procedure. -Joy

-Apparently at my workplace I don’t have a “family” because I don’t have kids. I hear “Chrisi can work lake tomorrow night because Amanda has a “family” & Chrisi doesn’t” “Oh Chrisi, I have a “family” I can’t be expected to be on time in the morning” “You don’t understand because you don’t have a “family” I didn’t realize that even thou my husband and I have: Parents, Sisters, Brothers, Nieces, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, loads of cousins and a freaking cat that because I don’t have a baby i don’t have a “family”. -Chrisi

-Those new iphone 4 video chat commercials are killing me. If its not the new father showing his baby to grandpa, its the soldier in Iraq seeing the scan of his baby. The latest one that caught me totally off guard is when the wife tells the husband she’s pregnant. They dragged it out and I just kept praying it was some kind of misdirect and ‘the little project’ they’d been working on was really a remodel of their kitchen. No such luck. Thanks apple for the sucker punch to those of us who would love nothing more than to tell our husbands we are pregnant. -Lisa

-As I was browsing the tv guide this evening, I came across a title on TLCI hope to never claim. No, not Kate Plus 8… It was 70 and Pregnant. After seven long years of ttc, another 41 years does not sound even remotely appealing. I mean, by now I get that it’s not gonna happen overnight, but 70? Can you imagine the technology that will exist when I’m 70! When I’m 70, there will be men getting pregnant faster than me. Oh wait…that happened already. What next? Hmmm-maybe there is hope for me yet. Ask me in 2050. Yikes! -Nicole

-You are relieved when you see another woman carry a tampon into a bathroom stall, or when you hear that packaging crinkling and unwrapping from the stall next to you. “Yay, she’s not pregnant!!” There are always a million pregnant women all around you, but you’ve just found one who is not! Of course, she’s not even trying, and once she does she’ll get pregnant immediately, but for now, she’s dealing with AF just like you are. -Tiffany

-Infertility does wonders for romance, cause there’s nothing better than reminding your DH: “Now honey, we’re headed into my fertility window (for the 14th time), so please refrain from masturbating for the next 12 days. Oh, and just as a reminder, here’s our schedule of the days that we will be having sex. Okay? Have a great day at work!” -Lib

-“What are you working on this week?” [me, in my head: " oh ya know, growing a test tube baby,- what about you?"]
or how about, [me, in my head: "just crying hysterically every day because my test tube babies won't grow, you?"]. -Oliveandvinegar

-I think of all the things I could have done with the money we used for IVF….by now, I could have:

1. a new pool
2. paid off my car
3. adopted internationally (including airfare)
4. put a down payment on a new house
5. took a trip around the world
6. bought an entire new wardrobe
7. bought a 3 carat diamond ring
8. donated it to some worthy cause (other than myself)
9. started a very large collection of several fur babies inc farmland
10. burned it in my fireplace for the same results – Chris

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10 Responses to “#711 You’re Relieved to see Another Woman Carry a Tampon into a Bathroom Stall”

  1. says:

    I have to say I definitely hate those iphone commercials!!! They just kill me…especially the last one Lisa mentioned!

  2. says:

    “10. burned it in my fireplace for the same results”

    RIGHT. ON.

  3. I change the channel the SECOND that stupid, dumb, assinine iPhone commercial comes on. And then swear I’m going to sell my iPod, my iPhone and my iPad and never buy another Apple product again so that stupid, dumb, assinine company doesn’t get any more of my money! :-)

  4. Nicole R. says:

    Wow, I wanted to say the same thing for those new IPhone 4 Commercials! I feel the same way about what Joy said too! Never thought I wouldn’t care anymore about who sticks a transvaginal wand in my hoha at my RE visits but I don’t flinch at all now! Good laugh this morning Naomi, now off to my cd. 7 u/s to check my follies before I have to suppress my ovaries for a month and then give myself a shot in my hip (ouch!) for the first time!!

  5. says:

    I totally get the success stories. I mean I know there hearts are in the right place but if I have to nod my head sagely one more time and murmur hmmm yes those urban legends I will probably end up turning my nodding into head butting. In fact can we please add these “success stories” to the same place just relax is at?

  6. bts says:

    New to this blog and OMG this is spot on to so many things I think about daily! Nice to laugh about it for once! I hate those flippin Apple commercials! Nice to know it’s not just me :)

  7. InfertileMyrtle says:

    Oh, those Apple commercials.. With the remote nowhere in sight, I closed my eyes, stuck my fingers in my ears, and LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LALA LA’d my way through the following thirty seconds. And I managed to retain my comfy position on the couch. Success!

  8. Jessica says:

    My husband is in Iraq so I’m going thru the cycles solo right now. I HATE the iPhone commercials. I was just like Lisa with the latest one. Please don’t say you’re prego, please don’t say you’re prego, please say you just finished the guest bedroom…….BAM, no such luck, waterworks. Each month I plan out how I’ll tell my hubby we’re prego, as I’m sure we all do…but my news (if it EVER comes!) will be via Skype, so take that Apple! Baby dust for us all!

  9. jdfan14 says:

    i can totally relate to #4 w/workplace, my job requires tons of overtime and seems like some who have children get excused from it sometimes while the rest of us have to pick up the slack, well hello i have a life too even though it maybe driving to and from RE office all the time. Seriously it is like an un spoken thing around some workplaces well you do not have a busy life if no kids. I dont mean to be insentitive as i am sure those w/kids are busy but just feels like another slap in the face…ok better now i vented!

  10. says:

    Wow, I think I do just about everyone of these! Glad I’m not the only one out there =] Check out mine and my sisters blog out our infertile journey!