May 20

Well, obviously. You read this infertile blog all the time!

There are plenty of infertility blogs out there from the inspiring ones to the depressing ones to the just plain scary blogs including “My fertility procedure hurt me so much I fainted on the table” blog. But infertility humor blogs? There are just a handful. “Shockingly,” people don’t typically associate laughter with infertility. Here are a couple laugh out loud IF blogs that will make even your cervical mucus giggle:

  • Infertile warrior, Busted Kate, once turned her cervical mucus into a television soap opera staring Austin Ovulation and Stephano the Sperm. Her soap opera “Days of our Cervical Mucus” has received raved reviews. Busted Kate also has an unnatural obsession with Neil Patrick Harris and writes a kick-you-in-the-ass infertility blog.
  • Jay from believes that IVF stands for ‘I’m Very Fertile” or (for Twilight Fans) “I’m a Vampire Fan.” desires to implement a designated infertility crying area in her office, and she’s openly admitted to staining her panties on a monthly basis.

Both a good read when you need some additional laughter. Their blogs might even be funnier than this one….just kidding, of course.


23 Responses to “#758 You read infertility blogs”

  1. Jesse says:

    more women should write funny infertility blogs. i seem to read only the depressing blogs.

  2. andrea says:

    I love these blogs! Anyone know of other funny infertility blogs?

  3. Gosh – I sure do love Busted Kate and The Two Week Wait Blog – and of course yours too! I look forward to coming to work and reading them each day!

  4. Nicole says:

    Love, love, love this blog. It makes me realize that I’m not the only one who feels the way I do (and as all infertiles know, our feelings change every second)…I come here when I’m ok with the current situation and feeling hopeful, and I come here when I hate anyone who can’t say they understand the situation. Day, night, whenever I need to know that someone out in the world truly gets what this feels like, I come here. And then I can laugh at the ridiculousness of it all, and go on with my day. Why on earth am I paying for a therapist when can laugh with all of you and Infertile Naomi????? Thanks to everyone out there who laughs right along with me :)

    ps clearly this caught me at a weepy moment…sorry to be a bit of deep thinker ;)

  5. [...] #758 You read infertility blogs [...]

  6. InfertileNaomi says:

    Thanks for the great comments gals!

    Nicole- I agree. You should be paying me instead of your fertility therapist. I will send you a bill for my next IVF cycle.

  7. Nicole says:

    Don’t bother sending the bill…I’ll be busy paying for the SECOND cancelled cycle in a row.(Just found out this morning) Seriously? I can’t have kids, and now I’m not even able to MEDICALLY TRY to have kids??? How is this possible????? LMAO at your blog seems to get me through the absurdity…so thanks again :)

  8. SallyAnne says:

    Nicole: your last post just made me smile. My IUI cycle just got cancelled due to cysts. Thanks for the smile. “Seriously? I can’t have kids, and now I’m not even able to MEDICALLY TRY to have kids??? How is this possible????? ” Life is so messed up!

  9. 21reena says:

    I love reading your blog!

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  11. Funny infertility blogs would be great. they would totally relieve the tension.

  12. Lisa says:

    Gee guys… did you know that all this time, all we needed to do was take zinc?
    Thanks Dr. Raval!

    ….. jerk
    Anyone else ever take spam personally?

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  14. Mack says:

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  15. says:

    These blogs are crazy. They are funny as hell, you do need to have a bit of humour at times. It helps with all the stress we go through on a day to day basis.

  16. says:

    Infertility has really given me a new perspective. I just started a blog after writing down my thoughts for a whole year. It was supposed to be a “fun look back on my pregnancy” and now it is an infertility blog. I think I may at war with the karma police. I am hoping my blog will also be able to bring smiles to the fertility-challenged. Please check it out:

  17. reat resources…thanks for rounding them together

  18. says:

    My wife has an infertility blogspot for those that are interested. It’s not necessarily humorous but it does show how her and I have gone through and continue to go through infertility. It is encouraging to read as it gives a little bit of a religious (christian) perspective. You can find it at She is also working on a book. We have been going through infertility for 6 years and in the mean time recently adopted our son, gone through two miscarriages, and 7 IUI’s but no IVF’s sure to the cost. Thanks to this author… I heard about this blogspot from a dr who is going through infertility herself. It has definately put a new perspective on this “journey”.

  19. LindseyPolly says:

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  20. M.G. says:

    I’m a little late on this thread, but glad i found it! I’d like to add my own to the list if I may be so immodest ;)

  21. Brit16 says:

    Love your blog!! Wish I would have thought of the idea myself :). You are a lot more creative than I could ever be though!!! I am only good at telling my experiences. Thanks again…

  22. Austin IVF says:

    Thanks for sharing your very interesting blog.

  23. This will sound really crazy, I think, I tried numerous “remedies” and nothing worked, so I gave up and took on a very serious athletic training program to get my mind off not being able to conceive. Well 2 months later I got pregnant and nobody could tell me why. Was it the excercising ? The past remedies taking effect ? Who knows….