May 24

Your fertility treatment is supposed to be the magical solution. So why isn’t it working?

So you tried to conceive naturally for a year and nothing happened. Sperm got into a fight with egg and refused to even touch her. So you went to the fertility doctor to seek out that magical cure. Perhaps you started with fertility drugs but that didn’t work and then you felt relieved to try an IUI because you knew that would be your magical fertility cure. Umm. Your uterus didn’t get the memo. Perhaps you even bit the bullet (not literally) and spent your life savings on IVF. Finally, IVF would be your magical fertility solution and you know that would definitely work. How could it go wrong? The doctors actually stick the sperm right inside the egg! So what happens when your magical IVF cure doesn’t work? After all, if you’re in IVF land (sort of like Disneyland but with more bumpy roller coasters), there is nowhere else to go.

Sometimes, fertility treatments, IUI and IVF do not work on the first try. There is no magical explanation although you search for the answer on Google. Maybe you’ll have to do it a couple times or even more but sometimes your magical cure doesn’t work on the first try. When it doesn’t work on the first time, you lose hope and faith but snap yourself out of it! Naturally pregnancies don’t typically work on the first month so just because you paid all this money and screwed up your body with fertility drugs, doesn’t mean your uterus got the memo.

When magical cures don’t happen on the first try, miracle wonders will, no doubt, occur later on.

6 Responses to “#757 Where is that magical fertility solution?”

  1. Lisa says:

    Your keyboard to G-d’s ear??? I could use a miracle.

  2. says:

    I keep thinking about this lately. Everytime I try something new and it fails the first month, I give up. I think I need to hold out for a few months from now on!

  3. says:

    Good point. My girlie bits are all out to lunch so they definitely didn’t get the memos.

  4. Tara says:

    Yes. I know it’s something I had to do for myself and so that I would know I had tried everything, but I sure wish I could have that money back that I spent on fertility treatments.

  5. Where's my BFP? says:

    I want to try the unconventional ways like rub the fertility statue, fertility braclets and acupuncture because nothing the doctor or I am doing is working. They have birth control pills not to get pregnant where is the magic pill that will?

  6. 21reena says:

    SO SO TRUE! Miracle Magical Solution, where are you?!